Social Syndication – How To Get Your Content Distributed On A Massive Scale

Social Syndication – How To Get Your Content Distributed On A Massive Scale

Social Media Syndication… Done Right.

Social Media is quickly becoming a major determining factor as to how your web site ranks in the search engines. High Page Rank back links are important to your sites authority, but both Google and Bing recently announced that how “Social” your site is, will also weigh heavily on your rankings. It is important to have all types of links pointing to your web site giving you more votes in the eyes of google.

In today’s lesson, you’ll learn how you can leverage the efforts of a community to get your content shared on a massive scale with complete automation. You’ll also learn some insider tips, to really skyrocket your traffic.

How To Massively Distribute Your Content ‘Virally’ By Leveraging The Efforts Of A Community

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Important Resources:


Free Off Page SEO Resources:

Use to ensure you are submitting your content to high ranking web sites

Click Here for a list of High PR Article Directories to check for RSS Feeds

Use to ping your blog post URL’s and article URL’s for quicker indexing

Forums: /

Your Syndication Resources For Maximum Distribution and Automation:

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Once you are on the inside of Tribe Pro, be sure to connect with me in my “Syndication Mastery” Tribe. Shoot me an email at jon@jonmroz(dot)com and let me know that you are syndicating me. I will syndicate you right back! Looking forward to it : )

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7 Responses to “Social Syndication – How To Get Your Content Distributed On A Massive Scale”

  1. Corinne Floyd Says:

    Jon, question about RSS feed for Ezinearticles – does that still work or has Ezinearticles changed their policy on RSS feeds? – I have not been able to get it to work yet in TribePro.

    Also, wondering about the changes Google Panda has made with regards to backlinking – does Google “frown” on too many automated backlinks coming in to a site all at once?

    Thanks for your great tutorials. I am going through your SEO videos.
    Corinne Floyd´s last blog post ..Starting A Home Business | Why

  2. Jon Mroz Says:

    Hi Corrinne! RSS for Ezine still works – an example of my rss is:

    Just make sure you have the right URL for tribe pro and you shouldn’t have an issue.

    The panda update does not cause any issues with tribe pro. This is just other people sharing your content. It is social syndication and with the new update, this is what google wants. It improves your seo rank.

  3. Tony Miller Says:

    Hey Jon, I am interested in purchasing Tribepro for SEO. I will be using it only for SEO because I highly doubt it drives much direct traffic. Does tribepro really work for boosting your rankings?
    Tony Miller´s last blog post ..Best Keyword Rank Tracker for 2013!

  4. Jon Mroz Says:

    Hey Tony, I don’t EVER recommend or promote ANYTHING that I don’t personally use and see results from. Yes, it helps with SEO and enables me to get my content ranked within minutes. Hope that helps 🙂

  5. Geno Sinnett Says:

    Great stuff! About half way though it I had an “ah ha” moment! Gonna apply it when I get home.

    Thanks Jon!

  6. Eric Flanigan Says:

    Hi Jon,

    Firstly, thanks for the hours you put in to provide incredible value here.

    To be honest, this section is the most intimidating as it suggests that for all of this to work properly, I would have to be a content creating machine on rocket fuel, steroids and crystal meth…wow.

    That is, if I understand it correctly.

    Though TP will pull feeds at random, the challenge of course would be to produce (over time) and ever growing library of various value-based content.

    A challenge indeed!

    Thanks again Jon for your contribution!

  7. Jon Mroz Says:

    Hey Eric, not entirely. Creating content surely is a great way to automate traffic for a long time … but it is only 1 of an infinite amount of ways you can decide to market your business. I have surely seen a ton of traffic and sales from my content creation, but I have also seen a ton of traffic and sales from other methods of marketing as well. Pick what fits you best and stick to it for 6 weeks till you get a better understanding of it and create some traffic from it. Then, move on. That has always proved to work well for me. Hope that helps 🙂

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