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The projects below are some of the highlights of Jon Mroz’s career. You’ll find that he keeps very active in his multiple businesses ranging from nightclubs, restaurants, internet marketing, physical product creation, and DJing. Jon is always looking to expand and grow. If you feel that you can be of contributing value to Jon’s portfolio, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch here

project: myth nightclub

Myth /miTH/

The idea of Myth is one that has been in the works in Jon’s imagination for nearly 3 decades. It’s a story of travel, culture, and love…

The journey began on the streets of Baltimore.  A young heart searching for something to move its soul, finally found the answer in the underground club culture of the 90’s.  The music, the lighting & the energy all came together & the soul was ignited.  Interest shifted to a hobby, the hobby became a passion, and a love affair began that would circle the globe.

From Hawaii to the Bahamas, Seattle to Miami, London to British Columbia, Amsterdam to Ibiza and beyond. An endless quest was underway to find the most incredible gathering of people sharing their love of music & dance.  As adventures were had & memories were made, a mountain of details were silently being compiled.  Clarity of sound, richness of bass, warmth of atmosphere, vibrancy of light & attention to detail…all of these things influenced the odyssey & would eventually be brought home.

Time gave way to maturity, & the love affair expanded to include an appreciation for good food & quality spirits (Element Bistro).  These too, contributed to the adventures & would play an important role in bringing it all together here in Jacksonville, FL.

The beautiful thing about Jon’s journey is that it will never truly end.  It is bigger than just one man’s experience. This is your story…. this is where the myth begins, and we invite you to start your very own adventure here with us.  “While we may only be a short chapter in your story, we’ll play our part to ensure it’s a magical one.”

project: element bistro

Element Bistro

In Babylonian Mythology, the four elements: earth, air, fire, water frequently occur. The concept of the four elements formed a basis of analysis in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In Hinduism, particularly in an esoteric context, the four states-of-matter describe matter, and a fifth element describes that which was beyond the material world. In Buddhism the four great elements, to which two others are sometimes added, are not viewed as substances, but as categories of sensory experience. At Element Bistro (next to Myth Nightclub), you’ll enjoy a sensory journey throughout all that is us. Indulge, and experience the elements.

project: liberty bay properties, llc.

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Liberty Bay Properties

Jon Mroz formed Liberty Bay Properties, LLC with his partners in 2019. He operates several of his businesses out of this bay street property and has several more units available for lease.

project: better home essentials
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    Kinesis Venture

Better Home Essentials

Jon Mroz started his internet marketing career in 2009. Learning the ropes through MLM, he quickly became a leader in multiple companies, eventually making it into the millionaires club. After promoting digital products for years, he decided to create physical products and sold hundreds of thousands of units through Amazon FBA.

Jon’s success in internet marketing and physical product creation gave him the ability to expand. He used capital earned from these ventures to open his first nightclub, restaurant, and purchase his first commercial real estate property. 

project: code sound studio
Code Sound Studio

Jon needed a space to store his physical product creations and operate his internet marketing companies out of. He found an amazing warehouse location that was somewhat secluded. After spending some time at the location, it became apparent that it would make an amazing after hours spot! Jon worked with a contractor to build out the location. He added an air conditioner, a massive sound system, intelligent lighting, a bar, pool table, seating, sound proofing and restrooms. Soon enough, what was once an empty warehouse was now a thriving party spot just outside an old airplane graveyard. Code Sound Studio was born in 2013 and was host to some of Jacksonville’s most iconic parties to date! 

project: kinesis productions / jon kinesis (dj)
Kinesis Productions, Inc.
Jon Mroz
Myth Terrace
Jon Kinesis
Code Sound Studio
Jon Kinesis
Myth Nightclub
Jon Mroz

jon kinesis

kinesis productions, inc.

DJ Producer. Born on January 27th, 1979 in Baltimore, Maryland. After a promising start there was no holding him back. His move to Jacksonville, Florida proved to accelerate his career as he continued to surpass all musical goals and boundaries.

Kinesis’ talent is not restricted to the turntables alone. He keeps busy with his production company, Kinesis Productions, Inc. where he does major event promotions including, but not limited to The Ultra Music Festival and The Bang Music Festival. He has handled major productions for some of the world’s leading DJ’s and Live PA talent, International world-class bookings, and so much more. Kinesis also helps “up and coming” talent get their start by booking local to regional performers alongside international acts giving them valuable exposure to future fans.

“The company is based mainly around helping local DJs get exposure while also booking international and national acts alongside them. It’s about booking events that are not in the norm; something different, something fun. It’s all about the people who come to the events and making sure everyone has a great time.” -Kinesis-                  … continue reading