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About Jon

So, who is Jon Mroz anyway? 


From: Jon Mroz 

Location: Jacksonville, FL

SUBJECT: About Jon Mroz

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur:
Thanks for stopping by to read my story and how I might be able to help you duplicate what I’ve done on the internet. Pay close attention too, because what you’re about the learn will shave years and thousands of dollars off your learning curve.

Anyway, I don’t like to waste too much time so what I’m going to do right now is introduce myself to you, share my story with you and see what I can do to help you.

So for starters, let’s get to know each other first…

My name is Jon Mroz and in addition to owning a nightclub, a restaurant and some commercial properties, I have a passion for helping people succeed. I help people create multiple streams of income by building internet marketing systems that are proven to produce solid results.

Let me start by saying that I have no special tech skills. I’m not a computer geek, or an internet marketing “guru”. I’m just a regular guy.

But the part of me that is very different than most people is this…
  1. I’m open minded.
  2. I HATE quitting anything.
  3. I’m very coachable.
  4. I’m psychologically un-employable.
  5. I BELIEVE in myself!
  6. And I love to learn new things.
If you have or develop any 3 of the traits above, I can show you how to turn your annual income into your monthly income in less than 2 years.

The InternetOk, before we go any further, let me say that the internet has done an amazing job of bringing people together. The only downfall is the net has also made things very impersonal.

Truth is, unless you know a person personally, you really don’t know them at all. One of the regrets that I have using this kind of technology is that I’m not able to sit down with you face to face and get to know you right at this moment.

Experience has taught me that most websites really don’t validate trust or relationship-building when it comes to getting involved in online business opportunities. 

For now, just know that this page you’re reading, and the rest of the content on this site is coming from a genuine urge to help you and others learn how to grow your business online. It’s the opportunity to reach out and help as many people as I can that really drives me.

I help people just like you all the time. In fact, many of the people that I coach and train have experienced pretty much the same thing I did. My story is similar to many people that are actively looking for a way to replace or make an extra income online.

See, after working offline in what you might call a normal J.O.B. for years. I learned that you just can’t trade hours for dollars and get ahead (or stay healthy). That equation works against you, so I decided to self-educate myself and find out how to leverage my time using the internet.

And what I do now is help people set up automated business systems on the internet so they can make $10,000 or more per month without having to chase people down, or “sell” them anything.

My systems allows you to become the hunted instead of the hunter.

Instead of “old school” prospecting and cold calling, I’ll teach you how to have websites, email and professional internet marketing techniques “sell” YOU to your target market and also present a simple and powerfully effective system for using the internet to generate multiple streams of online income.

“Success is not counted by how high you’ve climbed, but by how many people you brought with you”

Helping People Around The Globe - Jon MrozI’m honored to have had the privilege of serving people from all walks of life, all races, all religions, and many countries and cultures. It’s a responsibility I don’t take lightly. If I can help other people achieve the same level of financial success I have, then I’ve achieved my goals.

This site is one of a kind. It’s NOT one of those affiliate “cookie cutter” sites with hundreds of members each trying to sell their “deals” for a commission. You won’t be fed a bunch of empty hype, smoke and mirrors, or anything else that you might have seen up until now.

I don’t have time for games and you don’t either. You won’t find anything here but solid facts about making serious money from the comfort of your own home like I do. Making money on line isn’t at all that hard once you know how.

I also don’t hide behind my website. I answer my own emails personally (usually the same day or within 24-36 business hours). I’m happy to talk to you on the phone as well. Just know that my time is very valuable. You can reach me by simply subscribing to my newsletter and replying to the email that you receive once you opt in, to let me know that you would like to speak with me personally.  I’m usually available from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM EST, Monday thru Friday. These times enable me to properly run my business during the day so I can help my teammates and prospects out in the evenings. I also run a nightclub so those hours work best. 😉 

You can also send me a message thru the contact page to connect as well. (The internet sometimes lets us forget about the time differences across the globe.) I live in Jacksonville, FL which is Eastern Standard Time. So if I’m available, I’ll gladly answer all your questions.

So who is Jon Mroz, Really?

The bottom line is that I like helping people. More specifically, I like helping people create freedom in their lives so they can live life on their own terms; plain and simple. 

I help people build online businesses that give them the freedom to live life to the fullest. Whether that means traveling, buying that new house, spending more quality time with loved ones…Whatever it is, I help people create freedom in their lives so they can choose how they would like to live their life.

I absolutely love what I do and I’ve worked hard and smart to build businesses I can be proud of. I value the friendships I’ve made in the home business arena, and I want you to be glad that you got to know me.

Because of the way that I have done business, whether it be on line or off, I’ve been able to establish a way for my girlfriend and I to live pretty darn stress-free. We get to travel the world and go on extended vacations, live abundantly, and really just enjoy life in general … We are in control. We are very down to earth and we like meeting people from all walks of life.

A quick run-through of my history…

I come from an average, middle class background. I grew up in Crofton, Maryland (Between DC and Baltimore).

Music and Traveling became one of my first passions in life. In my younger days I became a successful touring DJ and fortunately got to see the world. Traveling made me realize how much this vast world has to offer. My biggest fear was not being able to experience the world and live life to the fullest. I wanted to make sure that I would be able to live life on my own terms. Ever since I was young I always worked for myself and when it came time for me to try and get a real J.O.B. I would soon realize that I was psychologically un-employable.

Although I worked for myself as a DJ and then event promoter, I became borderline obsessed with success; mainly how to get there and how to best enjoy it. I would lock myself in my room and literally read hundreds of books about business and success; I would watch self improvement videos and buy up all the training I could get my hands on to better myself.

I’ve always lived an active lifestyle. Ice Hockey, Skateboarding, Soccer, Snowboarding, Surfing, Wake-boarding …you name it. I was sponsored by a company in Annapolis, MD for skateboarding but eventually suffered so many severe injuries and broken bones that I could no longer continue many of these sports. Instead of obsessive over the loss, I continued my musical career and ended up becoming a pretty well known DJ touring the world. Here is my DJ web site by the way …

Traveling the worldAlthough I loved the traveling it really wasn’t the kind of traveling you would expect. A lot of the times I was in and out of a city, or country in less than 12 hours. It really started to wear on me. I knew that I was getting older and that it was time to start to focus on a long term career. I went back to college and figured I would try to join the rest of the world, get an education and work my butt off to get a high paying 9: to 5: J.O.B… Man was I in for a surprise.

I moved to Jacksonville, Florida and continued my college education. Being new to the city without a lot of contacts I would soon get a dreaded 9: to 5: J.O.B. to pay my bills… That didn’t last long. As a true entrepreneur from birth I simply could not handle working on something that I didn’t enjoy.

So, I approached some of the struggling nightclubs that were really hurting for business. I would throw concerts and events there in my spare time and within a few short months my events became so successful that I took those on full time. I just couldn’t stay away from the industry. As I grew my promotional company “Kinesis Productions” I expanded into the larger, top notch venues in the area and got more involved with professional marketing. I would start to handle major festivals and employ hundreds of people in my advertising efforts. I worked with all of the radio stations, TV stations, newspapers, print and media … you name it. 

For the most part, it was a lot of fun. I got to help local bands and DJ’s by giving them great opportunities to play at some of the hottest nightclubs and festivals along side major International headliners … and everyone was making a lot of money. More so, I guess I just loved seeing the people at my events having a great time and enjoying life. 

As time went on and the days of the Internet became more and more evident I started to utilize social media, web sites, and e-mail marketing as my primary form of advertising for my events. It’s kind of funny now that I look back, I had no clue that I was literally setting myself up for success in my future Internet endeavors.

So, things were moving along. My events were doing great and I was enjoying life. But, I always had that little voice in my head. “Jon, you know this isn’t something that you can continue to do in your old age”. To continue my success I would eventually have to buy my own nightclub. Sure, I could continue to promote major festivals and concerts but again, I couldn’t see myself doing this in my 70’s or 80’s. 

I ended up taking a position as the promotional director for a major nightclub in Jacksonville, Florida. I would work anywhere from 70 to 90 hours a week and most of the time from 10:AM – 4:AM 6 days a week. The life of a nightclub promoter doesn’t look so glamorous any more, does it? Lol. 

too much workI wasn’t happy. I became sick from being stuck in a smokey club every day and night. I could no longer do the fun activities I enjoyed because I was always working. I had nothing else to look forward to but the one day that I had off, and I couldn’t spend that day with any of my friends or family because they were usually working on the one day that I didn’t have to … Monday. Definitely not how I’m going to spend my life. So I started thinking…

I needed to find something that would give me the freedom to live a life I was proud of. I did tons of research in my office at the club, sometimes by minimizing the screen whenever the boss would walk by…oops. I found that direct sales / network marketing opportunities had the lowest start-up costs, allowed for a flexible schedule, allowed me to go into business for myself, and had unlimited earnings potential. I’m enlightened and extremely excited to get started!

After educating myself in Internet Marketing and becoming of greater value to others, I now work from home full time with consistent results. I also bought that nightclub, and I did so with profits from my online marketing ventures. You see, I leveraged the internet and some really cool systems to create an income that gives me the freedom to design my own life.

I’ve done this all WITHOUT having to cold call leads, chase people around or attend any “home meetings” or other old school, time consuming, non-leveraged strategies.

So, I KNOW what I’m doing… and to prove it, here’s a screen shot of the #1 training community in the industry where I held the leading position as a personal coach and mentor where students would pay $4,000.00 or more for my personal assistance.

Jon Mroz System Leader BoardsClick Here To learn How I Use Systems For Marketing

And by teaching others what I do, I attract more success.

What I love doing these days is teaching people how to use the leverage of online marketing to set up automated internet marketing systems that are proven to efficiently generate cash flow.

It wasn’t always like this though! I struggled BIG TIME learning what I’m about to show you. 

I decided I’d take a risk, get uncomfortable for a while and learn this online marketing stuff so maybe I could have a shot at generating multiple income streams and also have the time freedom to enjoy life with my friends and family and travel the world. 

It just takes internet marketing newbies a little patience and a bit of effort. The more coachable you are, the more you can shorten the learning curve.

EducationThis site is a bit of reading, but I did this with a purpose.

Serious people will take the time to learn as much as they can about the person that will mentor and coach them in this industry. Take your time. And if you can relate with some of my story, you’ll have an easier time learning how really simple my system truly is. And it’ll work as well for you as it does for me in finding high quality people to work with. 

So, let’s get to work with a bit of history…

Back in our grandparent’s enterprising days, massive wealth was created through mining the abundant natural resources that fueled the industrial revolution of the West.

However, most of our grandparents never saw a fraction of the wealth that was created. The average person was sold on the idea that if they just worked hard for 40 or so years, they would live a nice life and at the end, the government and their old company would be there to help them into a comfortable retirement. Hmm… I don’t think that panned out all that well.  

Today, we live in the Entrepreneurial Age, where true success comes from exploring the untapped potential of the human mind and imagination.

I can show you how to tap into this revolution, build your own online business from home and completely transform your life.

Now, I bet I could guess that we share a common goal:
Total Financial Independence… While Making a Difference!

“My Mission is to Show The Next Generation of Online Business Entrepreneurs The Proven Way To Internet Marketing Success… Sharing the Knowledge and Systems that generate Multiple Streams of Online Income”

I believe that in today’s ‘information superhighway’, people are able to create multiple streams of global online income much faster than ever before by setting up internet marketing systems that promote home based online businesses. And more importantly, they are able to do so without sacrificing their family time or existing work schedules.

If you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to join the community by filling out this form with your information and begin your journey toward online marketing success. I share with you how I was able to build a 5-Figure Monthly Income by using internet marketing systems and you’ll learn what mistakes I made along the way so you can avoid them and save a lot of time and money.

It’s a great way to learn how real online marketing is done BEFORE you join some silly “program” and find out later that you’ve wasted a ton of time and money and that the “training” you were promised was all smoke and mirrors.

I know 99% of the people out there will just “pitch” their deal to you and rush you to a fast, cookie cutter, company replicated sales page and try to sell you quick without even as much as telling you what their name is and where they live. You’ll get fed a bunch of HYPE, smoke and mirrors and lies and then they’ll slam your inbox with a ton of garbage emails and chase you on the phone.

You’re not going to get any of that garbage with me.

I know you want all the facts and the details about what this is all about, what I do, how I can help you, and if it will work for you.

Have you tried an Internet home based business before? If so …

  • How were your results?
  • Did you get the mentorship you were looking for?
  • Did you generate multiple streams of online income?
  • Did you receive the internet marketing education and coaching that is so vital to your success?
  • Did you ever really feel like you understood what it was you were supposed to be doing?

Most people’s answers to these questions are usually negative. 

Online Attraction Marketing Systems

No Cold CallingThe programs I build now require NO cold calling, NO chasing family and friends, NO wasted time at home or hotel meetings, either. They are built purely by automated online marketing systems that I personally employ and teach you to duplicate. This allows the highest form of leverage and gives you the potential to build an online income very quickly.

Another requirement is that each business program must include access to internet marketing education and support teams made up of top online marketing pros that will be there to assist you personally, step by step along the way. That is in addition to my personal coaching and mentorship. I only partner with the best online marketing experts in the best online business programs available.

Why do I work with multiple online business programs?

I am a FIRM believer in multiple income streams and in NOT putting all your eggs in one basket. You see, in the past I’ve been burned and have been involved in online business programs that have changed pay plans, or other things that made them undesirable. I’ll be the first to tell you that there are no guarantees and bad things sometimes happen to good companies. But that’s true in all of life. So I scrutinize and only pick those few that are the best of the best.

Different people require different price points. I include various price points in many of my opportunities in an effort to keep it affordable to most serious online business builders. But I also choose only internet marketing programs with price points where you can realistically replace a full time income within 90-180 days. These programs seem to attract the highest quality people to you as well.

I also know by experience that some people are interested in different types of products. Even in my personal “favorite” online income program… some people will just not “like” it or they’re interested in another type of product or service. And that’s ok. Each program I promote is among the top 1% in my opinion. All of the above requirements are present and it’s only a matter of YOU liking the product and the price point. They are all POWERFUL online business opportunities and I am personally involved in each one.

I coach people to master one program at a time and build a seamless online marketing system that will market a business portfolio effortlessly. The key is to sell YOU, Inc. first. Build a massive personal list of highly targeted prospects, and let them join you in your program or programs of choice. 

Simple is POWERFUL

My favorite part, and my specialty is “Keeping It Simple“.

You don’t have to have the flashiest website or system to make a lot of money online. As a matter of fact, I think you’ll be able to make more money in less time, the simpler your system is. That’s the way it’s worked for me.

So, keep it simple. But most importantly – TAKE ACTION! 😉

Hobbies and Interests:

There are lots of hobbies that I enjoy. I am very social by nature. I love being out and about socializing with good people, whether the topic is business or an upcoming Snowboard trip. I love staying active, traveling, meeting new people, spending time with loved ones, and learning something valuable each and every day. (If I learn something valuable, I have that much more value to offer to others…Not only is that satisfying, but it grows my business as well!)

Every Day is a New Adventure

I’ve been fortunate enough to achieve this level of success because of the successful internet marketing mentors I’ve worked closely with and have learned from.

I get to work as little or as much as I want. Some weeks I work as little as 2 hours a day. Other weeks (such as when I’m creating a brand new site), I’ll work 5-8 hours a day or more. But I set my own schedule. If it’s a beautiful day out, I’m not gonna miss it. If a buddy of mine calls up and wants to go out to lunch, I’m usually free to go.

I’m in the “Picks and Shovels” Business

When the 49’ers came to California in the 1800’s to look for “Gold in dem der hills”, WHO made the most money? It wasn’t the miners, it was the person who supplied all the equipment, picks, shovels and pans to all the miners. Only a few good and lucky ones actually struck it rich with Gold veins. If you can understand this one little concept, it can make YOU rich.

“When everyone is looking for gold,
it’s a good time to be in the picks and shovels business.”

~ Mark Twain

How Do I Automate My Online Business?

A lot of people want to know how I automate my online business and generate thousands on autopilot. I don’t do any cold calling or selling and all of my clients come to me. I’m like a reference librarian or a tour guide, who tells people where to go to get more information, and after they get it, I simply take their order and assist them in setting up and growing their online business.

So what internet marketing systems do I use to automate and duplicate? What is it that I do, that will bring trust and credibility to my clients? That’s a “big secret” that most won’t tell you, but when people buy into your business program or any other product or service from you, they’re not just buying the service, they’re buying you!

These days my business is pretty much on auto-pilot and I spend the majority of my time teaching people how to duplicate my set up.

Many people claim to have automated systems but the reality is that most people don’t know enough about internet marketing to make their “systems” produce results.

An example is that most people promote online business opportunities where their “system” is their company replicated website. They are told to buy expensive leads, and cold call them to drive them to their replicated site. Or they go out and spend a fortune on google trying to drive traffic to these replicated sites (which by the way, you will get banned for nowadays).

That Does NOT Work! Sorry for yelling 🙂

Company replicated sites do a TERRIBLE job of selling anything. That is NOT automation.

What I teach my online business partners is Professional Direct Response Marketing and Attraction Internet Marketing. With this knowledge as the foundation of your online marketing business you can actually build an internet marketing business that actually produces results automatically 24/7.

Here is what I do, and what I teach:
  1. Create a personally branded “YOU” page like this one to let people get to know you. It’s a lot easier than you think.
  2. Set up your own attraction marketing systems that build the RIGHT kind of relationships with your prospects for you 24/7 all on auto-pilot.
  3. Drive Highly TARGETED traffic to your custom Direct Response Lead Capture Page that converts.
  4. Deliver valuable content to your targeted list of prospects consistently to build trust and credibility.
  5. Have your serious prospects review your presentation / sales site and contact you to join.
  6. Send your new online business partners to your professional team training & support site so they can begin to duplicate your internet marketing system.
If you can do this properly, you have the potential to generate 5 figures monthly from your home based business.

But you see, 95% of people with online businesses continue to LOSE money.

They continue to fail because the people that “recruit” them don’t really know what they’re doing. They teach obsolete methods that don’t work. Many new business owners end up frustrated, with a ton of debt, no support or training and no profits… BUT 

The Best Internet Marketing “System” In The World Won’t Work If You Plug It Into An Inferior Program or Compensation Plan.

Most people are still trying to make money in outdated and inferior MLM or Network Marketing programs that have terrible compensation plans. These are the WORST programs to start with because they really do pay “peanuts” in the early stages of your business development. And it’s during these critical early stages that you need to start generating some big upfront cash to pay your bills, reinvest in marketing, and to give you that much needed faith in yourself and your business that it’s going to work out for you.

Don’t get me wrong, MLM / Network Marketing is one of the best ways to build a significant 5 and eventually 6 figure ‘walk away’ residual income, but it just takes too long for most, even if they’re a superstar.

It’s best to start with a Direct Sales business that pays BIG upfront commissions AND residual income as well.

And once you start seeing some real results, then you can start building an MLM business simultaneously.

I only promote online businesses that I test over and over to make sure they will produce massive results for anyone that follows my step by step guidance that I provide in my team training sites. You’ll learn how to set up your own internet marketing system customized to you.

And once your internet marketing system is set up and ready to go to work for you 24/7, you only focus on driving targeted traffic to your site.

And I show you how to automate your traffic generation as well. 

Here’s the secret…

Before Playing ANY Game, Learn It’s Rules, Then Capitalize On Them To Win

Playing GamesPlaying a game where you think you’ll be making a clean $10,000 of income per month is a BIG SERIOUS game. Please understand that this level of income only comes to serious people in any industry.

People that know the rules of the game and take advantage of that knowledge are the ones that make money in any profession, career or business. I teach you what these rules are and how you can convert them into a lucrative passive online income.

To be an accountant, lawyer, business administrator, engineer or any other high paying profession, people MUST commit years of education and tens of thousands of dollars BEFORE they make one red cent from their professions.

I teach you how to grow an online business where you can create a powerful and proven global business that can deliver a high six-figure income within months, not years and you don’t need to spend years learning or getting degrees to get started. But don’t believe you can be lazy and do nothing and make this kind of money.

Many people have the wrong mindset for this business at first. There is so much garbage advertising on the net that some people actually believe you can join a “program”, do nothing and make thousands of dollars. I see this all the time.

To make money in this industry you must commit to learning some specific principles and concepts and then take the necessary action to apply what you learn. Of course you’ll go through a learning curve and put in some effort, but with me there teaching you what works and what doesn’t, it makes your job a heck of a lot easier to reach the $10,000+ per month mark quickly and with ease.

And it’s almost ridiculous how low the initial investment and set up costs are to start a “serious” online business when compared to the amount of money it will generate for you and how simple and automated you can make it by following simple instructions.

I show you how to build a real online business fast and virtually on Auto-Pilot that has the potential to generate you over $10,000 per month.

It’s not automatic, but just follow the step-by-step training that is already proven to produce massive results. I also have some of the most cutting-edge resources you can take advantage of to jump start your business today. My training system, team support websites and resources sites are the most important tools you’ll have. Most people that fail in this industry fail due to lack of professional internet marketing training and support.

You simply must have a competent team of mentors that are willing to teach you what it really takes to produce massive results. Most just prey upon the ignorance of new people and back sell you expensive leads or “tools” that are worthless.

I have an active community of online business partners that share with you all of the advertising copy that is working for them today. You also have access to the advertising resources that deliver targeted results so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or spend your time and money trying to figure this whole thing out. 

What I experience NOW is a stable consistency in my business, much more peace in my life and more time to pursue what I enjoy in life. And the difference has been night and day.

I’ve been able to personally develop a substantial 5 figure monthly recurring income by applying the right principles to the right businesses. In fact, I’ll close to double my income this year and do it with ¼ of the time it used to take. All because I learned what works, I apply what works, and teach others how to do the exact same.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest!”

~Ben Franklin

This industry is starving for professional internet marketing training and support and for teams that are there after the sale! When you are part of my team all of the negatives of traditional home-based businesses are taken away. You have an entire road-map to follow that is guaranteed to work for you on auto-pilot IF you just simply take action.

Your Success is Based on Your Personal Philosophy and Who You Allow to Influence You.

Who do you hang out with? What philosophy of life do you live by?

Who are the Top 5 People You Attempt to Model in Your Life?

Most of what I teach about success and business is firmly rooted in the philosophy of Robert Kiyosaki.

The philosophies and teachings of Robert Kiyosaki basically saved my life from mediocrity. When it seemed everyone around me in my youth was headed for an “average” life and seemed to be happy about it, the teachings of Robert Kiyosaki opened my eyes to new possibilities. I began to have a bigger vision of what my life should be.

I began to seek out above average people. People of success. Business people, philosophers and teachers that looked at life in a totally different way. And then I began to learn and model their success, Their habits, Their thoughts became my thoughts through their books, audios, videos and seminars.

Personal development and having the right mindset is my secret to success.

And today I have a passion of sharing what I’ve learned with other success oriented people. It’s how I choose to “pay it forward”. There is an inner feeling of joy I can’t yet put into words that I feel when I teach someone thirsty and hungry for success in life and I see them succeed. It’s just awesome. It goes way beyond the money. It’s a calling… something that gives your life a strong Purpose. You do it for the joy it gives you.

That’s where I come in…

And the circle of friends and business partners that I have stuck with through the years. We make up a TEAM of successful internet marketers that have the skills and abilities to put you on a serious track to success yourself.

You’ll learn what to do first, next and so on. Everything is already proven to work from A – Z.

And if you decide to join me in my business, I’m there after the sale. You’ll have instant access to my team training that spells it all out, Step by Step, so you can duplicate my results. I’ll guide you through the best training and courses available in the industry so you can become educated and successful as fast as possible. With my marketing training alone you will know more about building a high income home business than 99% of the industry…Guaranteed!

You see, no matter what type of business you find, the sad but true statistic is this:

Over 95% of ALL People Who Try a Home Based Business WILL Fail to make a profit!

With My Training and Systems, You Will Learn What The Successful 5% Do That The Other 95% Don’t. 

So, are you interested to find out what I do? Take a free tour of the site and be sure to fill out the form below to gain access to some of the most valuable free training this Industry has to offer. And finally, Let me know what questions you have.

There is no pressure or obligation of any kind.

Just get all the information you need, get all of your questions answered, and make an informed, educated business decision for yourself.

I sincerely appreciate you investing your valuable time in getting to know me better and I look forward to serving you!

Whether we do business together or not, I hope you find all the success that you deserve.

Below you will find a link to a page that explains which companies I have decided to partner up with. So check out the businesses on the following page and really take some time to review all the information. Remember, I’m here to help you with any questions, but I will NOT be chasing you around or calling you trying to “sell” you anything. I know if you’re the right type of person… you’ll see very quickly that these businesses are serious and you’ll be calling me to get some final questions answered.

So go ahead and review the businesses that have taken me to great successes, do your homework and get back to me with any questions…Thanks!




Yours in success, Jon Mroz

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