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All About Domain Names | Establishing An Online Web Presence

Whether your simply hoping to mask an affiliate link, or reach the first pages of the search engines, domains can play an important role.

Brand new to the Internet or Industry vet alike, there’s some great information in the following “Click-By-Click” tutorials that can help you choose your address on the world wide web.

And if you are just getting your start… I know, your first domain name can be a scary process. After all, this is your first step in establishing an online web presence. Once you’ve made your way thru these short trainings, you should have no questions as to how your going to choose the name that fits your business best.

How To Choose Your First Domain Name + Forwarding

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Claim Your Domain Name Here:


  • When choosing a domain name for a capture page, system, or to mask an affiliate link, it is OK to be generic in choosing your domain name.
  • If you are hoping to rank for a specific keyword in the search engines, you’ll want to include your keyword (for example – your product name or company name) within the domain name.
  • If you are hoping to brand yourself (recommended for network marketers) it is best to include your name within the domain name (for example – or

I strongly recommend getting your domain names from as they have the best domain support, but do not recommend hosting from there. In later tutorials, you’ll find that you’ll will want to have a cpanel in your hosting for easy, FREE web site installations.

How To Change Your DNS (Domains Name Servers) For Hosting

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Get your own Hosting Account Here:


Remember to save your original e-mail from Host Gator with your account details


Changing Your Name Servers (DNS) is only necessary if you decide to install a web site on your domain, or you decide to host anything online. Whether you want to host pictures, content, text, capture pages, or websites (and never have to worry about them getting removed from the web), you’ll need have your own hosting account. Luckily – this is extremely cheap.

Think of it this way – your domain name is like the street address to your business, where your hosting account is like the building, or the lot in which you can build your business on. If you decide that you want to build your own business, you’ll need to point your address to your lot. THIS is what changing your Name Servers will do. Make sense?

All too often I see marketers using free hosting / website solutions. The problem here, is that YOU don’t own this, and if for any reason these solutions don’t like what you have hosted on their servers, there’s goes all of your work… straight down the drain.

I always say – there’s 3 things that are an absolute MUST when establishing your online web presence, and that comes down to:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Autoresponder (we’ll get more into Autoresponder in later lessons).

Tomorrow, we’ll get your website, or Central Nerve Center online. And we’ll do it 100% for FREE – The right way. So, be sure to have your domain and hosting ready… This is where it really starts to get exciting!

“Procrastination is opportunity’s natural assassin.” ~Victor Kiam

…Always take massive action.

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I’d love to get your feedback on the videos above. Leave Your comments and questions below, share your Domain Name ideas, and be sure to “Like”, and “Tweet”!

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