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Chapter 9: Revival

Another couple of days pass and my dizziness and nausea start to improve again. Hope starts flooding back in. My dizziness improved so much in fact, that I was able to get back on the turntables to record a 3-hour mix set. I called the mix set “Stories of Revival” … a little premature but that gives you an idea of how much my mindset had changed. Just 3 weeks prior, I thought that I would never be able to DJ again. Heck, 3 weeks prior, I thought I had less than a month to live. If the illness hadn’t taken me, I was on my last leg and I would have done it myself. Yes, it was that bad. You can hear the 3-hour mix here:

Stories of Revival Description

I fell deathly ill in the beginning of 2023 with a mysterious illness that lasted for over 15 months. The illness affected my nervous system causing over a dozen debilitating symptoms.

This album is meant to represent the very, VERY, long, painful, dizzying, emotional rollercoaster I was on throughout 2023 and 2024.

If anything positive were to come out of this terrible situation, I hope it is this album for you.

A Melodic Tech House mix that follows a journey of:

Moments of relief

Jax Spine and pain called to setup a follow-up appointment and I was back in to meet with the doctor within days. I spoke to a new doctor this time, and with everything starting to improve, I was insistent that we get the right side done. He agreed and my next procedure was set for Wednesday, March 13th, 2024. This procedure went a little bit smoother, and I was out within 3 hours in comparison to the original 6 hours for the first procedure. The days that follow would show mor improvement with my dizziness, but I would continue to suffer from neuropathies in my face, and numbness in my feet. I’ll take that any day over being dizzy and nausea. Although most of my symptoms are still present (about a 10 in total) , they are significantly better.

This is where my journey has led me up until now. I feel that I still have quite a ways to go. I’ll be sure to update this article as I progress, discover new forms of treatment and rule out the ones that did not produce any results. It’s been quite the journey so far. I honestly didn’t think that I was going to make it. There were some really, REALLY dark days, weeks… months! If Mayo Clinic taught me anything, it’s to zoom in and focus on just right now. Just get by in the moment. Once the moment passes, make it for another few minutes. I know … it’s no way to live. But you have to keep telling yourself that it is temporary. It takes time … way too much time, but just think about all of the amazing things that you will experience once you are better.

While I am not back to 100% as of yet, I can (for the first time in ages) see the light. I AM back to functioning, partially back to work, and starting to see some enjoyment come back into my life. This illness has changed me for life. Whether that is for the better or not, only time will tell. For now, the battle continues.

My Chronic Illness: A Timeline of Events
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