Empower Network – Can You Really Remove The Technical Aspects Of Your Marketing? (a review)

Empower Network – Can You Really Remove The Technical Aspects Of Your Marketing? (a review)

Empower Network?

Empower Network is a concept that was brilliantly created by a once “Van Man” who went from his last $200 in his bank account to now earning up to $5K daily.


Continue Below To Learn What it Can and Can’t do for you.

Listen To Empower Network Co-Creator ‘Dave Wood’ As I Grill Him For Insider Answers To Get You All The Facts

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An Insider Look At Empower Network, Detailing Your Back Office, Commissions and FAQ’s

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empower network david woodI know this “Van Man” on a personal level, and what he has done with Empower Network nothing short of amazing.

You see, I remember when I was first introduced to Dave Wood (co-creator of Empower Network). We seemed to both have 1 common obstacle in place that made it difficult for others to completely duplicate what we created online.

Technical know-how.

What does that mean? Well, after really dedicating myself and becoming a student of the industry, I was fortunate enough to recruit thousands of people into my businesses and create some of the top income earners online. The problem was that if ALL of my team wanted to reach these same levels of success, they would have to learn how to build websites, drive tons of traffic and create converting sales funnels. And sure, I have training available to all of my teammates that goes into great detail in how to do this effectively, along with marketing systems, and capture pages … you name it… but we wanted a quicker way.

After speaking with Dave, he asked the question …

“What if we could remove all the technical aspects for our team and provide a proven way to market so that everyone could start making money TODAY?”

And so the Empower Network Is Born

Empower Network

Empower Network

The Empower Network enables it’s users to literally have a personal wordpress blog online in seconds removing all technical aspects of your sales process while teaching you proven marketing strategies that deliver results immediately.


2 VERY Important pieces of the puzzle:

Traffic and Conversion

I always tell my team the following:

“With all the traffic in the world, but a poorly converting site, well… that equals zero sales.”

“With the highest converting site and no traffic, guess what… your still at zero sales.”

With the Empower Network, you instantly have the highest converting sales funnels and processes “Done For You” the moment you join. And Driving traffic with the Empower Network combines with what we have created for our team couldn’t be easier. The moment you log into your back office, your website / blog is created and you are guided by THE TOP marketers online today, in how to drive quality traffic to your converting pages.

What’s even better – You can use the Empower Network to Market ANY business, software, opportunity, affiliate product, or just about anything you can imagine. You can even resell the Empower Network and earn 70% commissions.

Yup, you heard right – 70% commissions.

And did I mention … Empower Network is valued at $2,488 and Right Now, you can pick it up for only $25. Add to that, when you refer just 1 person – it’s free.

Learn More About The Empower Network Comp Plan Here

You see, this is YOUR business and I’ll tell you something else, I have been working with a program that pays 100% commissions since August of 2009… and here are just some of my recent results:

empower-network-comp-planPlain and Simple – 100% Commissions Rock!

What Empower Network Is NOT:

Empower Network is NOT another MLM, or network marketing company.

Empower Network IS:

An open platform for you to use to market your current opportunity.

It is a system that will enable you to get your content out to the masses quickly.

It is a training platform that shows you how to market effectively (taught by the top leaders of the industry), so that you can start earning money TODAY.

Already have a blog? Great, so do I : )

If you already have a blog, it’s all the more reason to get this info to your team so that they can skip ahead of the learning curve and start producing in their businesses rather than struggling over all the tech stuff that can, and will hold them back. And remember, by you helping them with Empower Network, you are earning 70% commissions paid directly to your bank account – Instantly.

In fact, Empower Network paid out over $1 Million to users just like you in their first 3 weeks in business.

Emower Network 1 Mil

Click here to view Empower Network’s Income Disclosure Statement.

Which brings me to my last topic…


Before I promote Anything online, I always want to make sure there is enough traffic and buzz on the net to ensure that the market is interested in the product.

As you can see in the traffic stats below, Empower Network was ranked as the 288th most popular web site in America! And this shot was taken on their 4th week in business. If you don’t call that interest I don’t know what is!


Click The Image Above To See The Current Alexa Rankings

Why you need Empower network:

Here’s the thing. I’m not one for the “Shiny Object Syndrome” (buying up every course and product that claims to make  you instant riches : ). I also don’t market every program and training course that comes across my desk. However, when I see, test and use a product that has proven to create results for myself and my team, I feel that it is my duty to pass it along.

With that being said…

  • You Need This To Help Produce Results In Your Business.
  • Your Team Needs This To Get Them Started On The Right Path In Marketing.
  • If You Don’t Have an Opportunity or Team, This is The Perfect Place To Start, Learn, Build, and earn 70% Commissions while doing so.
  • It’s The Beginning of Something HUGE:

Have you ever wanted to get in on something that you knew was going to be HUGE at the beginning? I showed you a screenshot above on a program that I continue to work that is consistently pays me multiple 5 figures monthly. I KNOW the power of 70% commissions and actually sponsored David Wood into this program because he saw the power of 70% Pure Payout as well. This is where the idea for Empower Network’s compensation plan originated. Now, imagine getting in at the start, and getting your business in front of all that traffic we discussed in the image above. Simply put – It’s a “No-Brainer”.

Yeah, I’m not big on that phrase either but hopefully this video will clear it up…

Watch the Empower Network video here to learn more and see why Dave is making this expression:


Grab your Empower Network Blogging System Today and pick up our Team’s Insane Bonuses (this really is taking it to the next level).

This marketing system is HOT right NOW. Get in the test group early, and pick up those 70% commissions fast.

Exclusive Empower Network Team Bonuses (Video):

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Get Started Here

 When you decide to join using the link below today:

You’ll also receive everything stated in the video above – including thousands in bonuses. (Get a sneak peak here).

I’m looking forward to seeing your results!

In Mastery,

Jon Mroz

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10 Responses to “Empower Network – Can You Really Remove The Technical Aspects Of Your Marketing? (a review)”

  1. Jose Contreras Says:

    Hey Jon… How exactly is the marketing for this product done? The comp plan looks great.

  2. Brad Says:

    Hi Jon, this looks interesting.

    Do we have to buy hosting, autoresponder, & a domain name to work this opp?

    I have a free WordPress blog, but I don’t think they allow selling anything on those sites,

  3. Jon Mroz Says:

    Great question Brad. No, you do not need hosting for this. Your site is literally set up for you by the time you log in. You can start marketing within your first 15 minutes. I was blown away with how clean and quick everything was in my back office. I’ll have a video tutorial on this shortly as well. Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

  4. Jon Mroz Says:

    Hi Jose, once you log in, you have your own wordpress site to add content to. You can market any program, or simply market Empower Network. Then, there is advanced training to help you drive traffic to your content. Hope that helps but let me know if you need some more clarification.

  5. Dan Says:


    Cannot get your video to load…FYI…I know you cannot do anything about it…I cannot get thru it for some crazy reason…


  6. Jon Mroz Says:

    Hi Danny, you may try a different browser. Do you have a slow connection? I also have a shorter version of it on youtube if that helps:

  7. tanisha Says:

    this just makes sense

  8. Christy Says:

    Fantastic stuff Jon! That’s what I’d really like to see.

  9. badasshomebusiness Says:

    You explained the topic very well. The contents have provided meaningful information thanks for sharing info.


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