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Having a Business AND a Life – Possible? Creating Balance…

Having a business and a life. Possible? 
What an experience these past few months have been! Or, should I say – past year has been.
This year has been one of “living what this industry is really all about”. All too often you hear how this industry (online marketing, mlm, network marketing, etc.) gives you the ability to achieve complete and total financial freedom, and more importantly – time freedom. And while it IS true that your earning potential has virtually no cap, those of us (especially those who are in their first years of building their online empire) can … to be honest, be quite the contradiction when it comes to time freedom and what you have to sacrifice to get it. jonmroz-check-empower-networkYou see… all too often, you hear of entrepreneurs earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in very short periods of time. Heck, I’m guilty of this as well – Here you can see where I picked up an over-sized check for $133,800.00 on stage at a recent event held in Atlanta. But, what you don’t often hear about is the work that goes into creating these massive incomes in short periods of time. Why? Because effort and work DOESN’T sell. Big checks and Time freedom DOES sell. Well, today… I want to tell you a little about the effort and work that goes into creating complete and total financial freedom, and more importantly – Time Freedom. You see – my story is not special. It’s not one that differs from most of the success stories of our industry.
I Went From Nothing To Something Because I Was Willing To Work For It.
  • When times got tough, I showed up.
  • I stopped making excuses on why “I couldn’t”, and instead started taking action.
  • And nope… contrary to popular belief, those of us who are succeeding online were not born with huge lists of people to market to – we had to work for that too. : )
  • But most importantly… I never gave up.
It’s such a tragedy when I see people quit so close to their goals. Believe me, I was there. I’ve been thru the struggles. Sometimes, the difference between success and failure is just pushing thru when times get tough.
What It Really Takes To Succeed
The fact is, just about every success story in the world starts with what we like to call – “The Grind”. This was a huge topic of discussion at one of our more recent “Masters Retreats” held at the Papagayo Resort in beautiful Costa Rica. You can think of the “Grind” as your learning curve. It’s the toughest part of growing your business… but it is essential. online marketing learning curveYou see, there is a commonality in those that have achieved substantial success. In the beginning, they all buckled down and went through a learning curve. It doesn’t matter what J.O.B., career, or business were discussing… I’m sorry to tell you, if you plan on achieving above average results, it’s mandatory – you have to go thru it. The good news, what can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in education from ivy league schools, can be achieved at a tiny fraction of the cost with unlimited earning potential within our industry. What’s even better, YOU have the option as to who you work with in helping you achieve your desired result. For me – financial freedom came a close second to time freedom. Time Freedom was something that I didn’t have much of my entire life. So when I read the sales pages… you know the ones that claim to give you complete and total financial and time freedom… well, I was sold. When getting started in this industry, I knew in the early stages that mastering systems would allow me the ability to automate large portions of my online business, freeing up more time to be spent on the things that I enjoy doing. So, after going thru “the grind” dedicating my time and energy into learning systems, listening to my teammates wants and needs when it comes to proven strategies that work when applied, and collaborating with other leaders to create amazing support communities to ensure no one was left behind…
…It Was Finally Time To Put It All To The Test
In November of 2011 I partnered up with a low cost entry program called Empower Network. I built a system around it that enabled me to not only automate the recruiting process, but also automate the recruiting process AND the training process for those that teamed up with me. They simply plugged in, applied what I had created for them in advance, saw results, and we were off to building a massive organization with me. Now don’t get me wrong, my first couple months (November and December) were spent handling the initial start up and building a strong front line. I put my time in for a bit… …Then, I was off to my travels.
If This Industry Claimed To Create Complete Financial and Time Freedom – It Was about Time For Me To Put It To The Test.

It all started in on New Year’s Eve in Time Square, New York. This was one of the toughest trips on me when it came to “letting go” of my business. For the first time in 3 years, I wasn’t manning the phones and making sure everything was “just so”. You see, I had been so conditioned that in order to make money, you had to be working hard at your J.O.B. or producing on a daily basis to keep your current cash flow coming in. While in New York, I didn’t work a single day and had a record new year’s holiday week earning over $10,300 the first week in January.

New Year’s Eve In New York City: 
In June, I was off to Atlanta to attend a massive event that literally changed the game for thousands of marketers worldwide. Below, you can check out a couple photos from this “Don’t Be A Wussy” Event which included stretched ‘Hummer’ Limos, an Oversized $133,800.00 check, and Mass Amounts of People changing their lives – for good.

In August we were off to the beautiful Papagayo Resort in Costa Rica for an exclusive Masters Retreat. Here, we met up with some of the world’s top marketers, including David Wood, Deagan Smith and many others. We shared stories, strategies and masterminded with the best, all while enjoying some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth. We sailed catamarans with our closest marketing buddies to private islands, went scuba diving with tropical fish and went jet skiing till sunset – it was quite the adventure.

And finally in September, we decided to tour Europe. We started off in Amsterdam visiting some of the most famous squares and plazas Holland has to offer and then we were off to Spain…


Then, we were off to the largest city and capital of Spain, Madrid:

   Coming from the music industry… Ibiza, Spain has always been on the bucket list as a “must see” destination. And I gotta say – it was nothing short of unbelievable.

Ibiza, Spain


Back At The Hotel

… And At The Events


See the entire photo album on my facebook page here (opens in new window)

So Why Do I Share All This With You?

Is it to brag or boast? Is it to make you jealous?

You know, I heard some very interesting quotes a couple years ago. And it was right then that I decided that I was going to start thinking and living like the wealthy… and I was going to start – immediately.
  • Wealthy people admire other wealthy and successful people. Poor people resent the wealthy and successful.
  • Wealthy people believe: “I create my life.” Poor people believe: “Life happens to me.”
  • Wealthy people play the money game to WIN. Poor people play the money game not to lose.
  • Wealthy people think BIG. Poor People think small.
  • Wealthy people get paid by the results they create. Poor people choose to trade their TIME for money.
  • Wealthy people think: “Both”! Poor people think: “either/or”.
  • Wealthy people associate with positive, successful people. Poor people associate with the negative and unsuccessful.
  • Wealthy people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know.
  • Wealthy people focus on opportunity. Poor people focus on obstacles.
The Results
It’s funny, while traveling the globe these past few months, I decided to let go. I decided to think bigger. I decided to put systems to work for me, and instead of trading time for money, I decided to leverage my efforts and let them work for me, over and over again.

And Here’s What Happened:

Over $273,635.00 In Commissions Earned From ONE Income Stream


Income Disclosure: Although these results are 100% verifiable. They are my results and were achieved with effort and hard work. There is no guarantee that you will achieve the same results. View our income disclosure statement here.

A Team Built In The Thousands… And just this past month (while I was NOT working in Europe) was named the world’s top attraction marketing system’s member of the month – “My Lead System Pro”.

my lead system pro member of the month jon mroz

MLSP / See how I use MLSP to help automate my business here

So, I share these stories of travel and success as motivation. It can be done. Anyone that has the drive, and the willingness to
The Question Is…
How will you decide to think? How will you decide to live? What actions will you take TODAY, to ensure you accomplish the goals you have set for tomorrow, and beyond? —- Work With Me Here, and Pick Up Thousands in Bonuses, Gaining Access To The System That Created The Results Above —– So, did you enjoy the pictures above? How are you deciding to think … and live? Share your comments below and be sure to post this to social media if you found value. 
Comments (9)
Ashley Porter October 4, 2012 11:59 am

Thanks for sharing your travels Jon! Looks like you guys had a great time.

Dani Cloutier October 4, 2012 2:21 pm

Jon, I love that you have a great life and I believe I will do the same! Many thanks to you and a lot of others out there who are more than willing to lay it out for anyone who wants to do the work. Thanks for making the grind easier to go through. :0)

Jon Mroz October 4, 2012 8:34 pm

Thanks for the feedback Dani!

Jon Mroz October 4, 2012 8:35 pm

Ibiza was a blast Ashley! Def add that to your bucket list if you haven’t already 🙂

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Clark Mixon December 5, 2012 10:50 pm

Congrats Jon, Great job on making MLSP’s member of the month for October. Enjoyed your pics as well. You certainly have attained your dreams with this business.

Lisa February 15, 2013 11:27 am

Hi Jon!

Congrats on your amazing success! I love your story because it’s what anyone can do: work for it! People think there is some magic to multiple income streams but it is really all about being trainable, consistent, and working at it (as you so well pointed out!)

Thank you for the dose of inspiration.

Matt Thomas February 16, 2013 4:11 pm

Thanks Jon. I really appreciate your training.
I look forward to meeting you. I have made the decision
That my family and I deserve to live this lifestyle. Again, thank you.

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