Marketing Your System – An Intro To SEO


30 Day Challenge | An Intro to SEO

If you have been following along, you should now have a completely Automated System Online and Ready To Market. All of your basic essentials should be in order, and it’s time to fit the last piece of the puzzle in place and get the word out about what YOU have to offer!

Below, is the path in which you should be sending your prospects…

Let’s Take a Look at What We’ve Covered so Far:

  • You have a Capture Page with an Autoresponder web form in place enabling you to capture your prospects information
  • Optional – Your capture page can direct people to a sales page with an application form for people to fill out their information to submit to you for review. You can use Kompozer to design this page.
  • Or, Your capture page will direct your prospects to your blog or website (Central Nerve Center)
  • Your Blog will provide your prospects with valuable information, allowing them to get to Know, Like, and Trust you giving them a reason to Join YOU in your business
  • Do you have a USP (Unique Selling Position / Proposition) – Bonus, Team Training?
  • Your blog directs your prospects to your replicated company site.
  • Your autoresponder markets to your prospects on a daily basis sending them back to your blog.

Now it’s time to get some Leads! As stated before, there are an infinite amount of ways to market your business. Today, we’ll cover a FREE way – Search Engine Optimization. I will tell you that this does take a little time… up to 4 weeks or so. BUT if you put the effort in, you will build a VERY strong foundation for your business, which will in turn drive QUALITY traffic back to your site on a daily basis.

The 30 Day Challenge – An Intro To Search Engine Optimization:

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2010 The Challenge


2009 Thirty Day Challenge

Jon Mroz - 30 Day Challenge

Recommended Resource:

Traffic-Bug / Market Samurai / Article Wizard

seo market-samurai Unique-Article-wizard


  • Write an article a day until you start to see desired positioning in google
  • Always provide a link (no more than 3) pointing back to your blog within your article
  • Paste your article address (URL) into Traffic-Bug when you have finished with your article
  • Track Your SEO Results and Do Market Research with Market Samurai
  • Advanced – For thousands of backlinks use Unique Article Wizard (UAW)
  • Always provide value within your articles or you will be removed from the article directories

Next Up – Social Media Marketing


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Jon Mroz

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  1. Andy


    The 30 day challenge has been excellent so far. thanks for the resource..

  2. Jon Mroz

    Glad to hear Andy 🙂 Lots more to come.

    Talk soon,

    Jon Mroz

  3. omar taborda

    Great Video.

    Also a JBudd Student. Got stuff

  4. Scott Kaiser

    Where exactly do you post your articles? Are there free websites that publish articles? Kind of like a free lance posting service?

  5. Jon Mroz

    Hi Scott, there are several article directories discussed in the 30 Day Challenge above. We also have a list of all of them in our team’s training.

    Hope that helps

  6. Rick Henderson

    Traffic Bug really rocks. I did the 30 Day Challenge last year and that’s what got me interested in internet marketing. The one thing that really impressed me more than anything else was Traffic Bug. It really Works!

    Looking forward to working with you,Jon.

  7. Tom

    Brief, Easy to understand, and all key points covered.
    Thanks Jon.

  8. jason

    love what your doing ,im learning a lot

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