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Mission Statement

The mission behind our company and the site: is to share with  you (the reader), by journaling the business and educational experiences of Jon Mroz. It is to provide you with what we have found to be the life skills and technical skills that create abundance in all areas of your life. We live, breathe and work every day to help our partners develop the mindset and means to achieve personal freedom while fulfilling their most meaningful personal goals in life.

To learn more about Jon Mroz’s story, where he came from and what led him to where he is today, click here.

We believe in personal growth, and self-growth but also understand that at times, entrepreneurialism can be difficult. It is our goal to ensure that you are connected with like-minded individuals who have been where you are and are now where you want to be in your entrepreneurial career. Freedom comes at a cost, and achieving your personal freedom doesn’t often happen overnight. It is our ultimate purpose to empower, up-lift, and positively affect you on your journey… to help in any means reasonably possible.

Our Values:

First and foremost, we believe the most important thing human beings can do is to become FREE, personally, before they can even begin to think about helping others. This means becoming emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially FREE right now, if you’re to give your highest contribution to our planet.

We believe in our partners and in challenging them to push themselves to grow every day into the entrepreneurs and people you KNOW you can become.

We believe in providing the world’s most innovative training and leadership development products, which are the desperately needed solutions to many of our industry’s most pressing needs. At times, Jon Mroz may recommend a product or service that he has personally used to achieve results in his own business. If you decide to purchase this product or service, you understand that your results using this product or service will depend entirely on your efforts, and there is no guarantee that you will achieve any monetary results at all.

To View Our Income Disclosure Statement, Click Here

We believe in fostering a community of supportive online entrepreneurs who generously share their own knowledge and gifts with others, creating a culture where success is literally contagious and new mutually beneficial alliances are always being formed.

We believe in supporting our customers in every way possible as they embark on their own journey of self expression and personal freedom.

We believe in total transparency, and treating you with love, with respect, and with a total VISION of your highest potential. We are not afraid to say what needs to be said (even if it’s not what you want to hear), or to challenge ANYONE in any way they need to be challenged to reach their goals. Including ourselves.

Risk Disclaimer



Some information on may create an unreasonable risk for readers who choose to apply or use the information in their own activities or to promote the information for use by third parties.

None of the authors, contributors, administrators, vandals, or anyone else connected with, in any way whatsoever, can be responsible for your use of the information contained in or linked from these web pages.

Please take all steps necessary to ascertain that information you receive from is correct and has been verified. Check the references at the end of the article, if the post has been made by a contributor, and ensure all information is accurate. Double-check all information with independent sources.

If Jon Mroz, or an article suggests a product or service that involves a cost, use your best judgment before making a purchase. We cannot guarantee that any products or services mentioned will be used in a way that will benefit you financially, or otherwise. See our full income disclaimer here.

No consequential damages can be sought against, as it is a voluntary service formed to create online educational, cultural and informational resources. This information is being given to you gratuitously and there is no agreement or understanding between you and regarding your use or modification of this information.

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