MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

MLM Traffic Formula 2.0

I have to say … Since the release of Mike Dillard’s “Mother of all Traffic Generation” Courses:

Traffic Formula 2.0

…It’s been a long and enjoyable road. I cannot express in words the gratitude that I have for Mike Dillard and his team at Magnetic Sponsoring. When I first came across the opportunity to take part in Traffic Formula 2 I was still pretty new to the industry, struggling to put the pieces of the puzzle together, and quite frankly…  I couldn’t seem to do anything right.

Traffic generation at the time… ha, forget it! I would spend countless hours searching for the solution, often times ’till the wee hours of the morning with nothing to show for it but lost time, minimal progress, and far less money.

mlmIt wasn’t until one day that I came across a site where this guy named Mike just seemed to lay everything out in a step-by-step format. Finally, everything Really started to click. Hmmm, I thought … a completely different approach, it makes sense, I’m ready to take action.

I literally consumed every piece of training I could get my hands on and when presented with the opportunity to take part in Traffic Formula 2 – well, there was simply no question.

I remember getting the e-mails on my iPhone while working my 80 to 90 hour a week J.O.B. – “A new Traffic Formula 2 Lesson has been posted“! I couldn’t wait to get back to the house to tear into the lessons and apply every single piece of it into my business.

Mike, Tim and the rest of the guys that brought this course to us… well, we (the students) couldn’t have asked for anything more. I learned how to get my web sites onto the first pages of google for my company key words driving TONS of quality traffic on a daily basis – organically… in which by the way, am now ranked in the top 5 for 3 different sites. Learning how to effectively use paid methods of advertising was the real game changer for me though. And most importantly… how to convert this traffic into sales.mlm

Finally, (amongst many other things) I learned the importance of establishing an online web presence, creating a central nerve center, and how Absolutely Essential it is to give back to the industry by providing REAL value. And by further educating myself in the industry, I am now in a position to help others and am of more value to my teammates, prospects and potential business partners. This key point alone has taken me to heights that I’ve always known was possible, but before Traffic Formula 2… was far from attainable.

Since then, I am proud to say that with the help of Traffic Formula 2, Mike Dillard and his staff, I have finally been able to leave my 80 – 90 hour a week job as a nightclub promoter, and am now running my own business full time using the power of the Internet.

I have earned the respect of my company owners as a top income earner and leader in 3 different businesses, brought in over $76,498.00 in 6 short months, built long lasting relationships with some of the top producers in the industry… and I KNOW I’m just getting started !

mlm mlm

Here’s to Mike Dillard and the crew behind Traffic Formula 2,

Thank you could never be enough.

Jon Mroz

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Jon Mroz



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3 Responses to “MLM Traffic Formula 2.0”

  1. N D Milano Says:

    I already paid for this software from mike back in mid August. Very good!

  2. David DeSisto Says:

    Jon, I too started with Mike (like so many did) and have followed him into EVG now – which is so eye-opening. I am wondering if you think TF2, mentioned here is still a viable way to progress in IM? I haven’t gotten it yet, but thinking about it.

    Thanks for all you do,

  3. Jon Mroz Says:

    Great to hear from you David!

    TF2 was some of the best training on how to get massive traffic to my sites. The lessons taught within our definitely still viable.

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