Understanding The Marketing Process | A Look At The Bigger Picture

Understanding The Marketing Process | A Look At The Bigger Picture

Understanding The Marketing Process | A Look At The Bigger Picture

One of the first things that you’ll face when getting started online will almost certainly be “Overwhelm”. Wanting to get the quickest start possible, many will do everything in their power to take on as much as possible… all at once. Well, I’ll be the first to tell you, this will unfortunately get you nowhere but confused and quickly burnt out. Getting a “Look at the Bigger Picture” would have helped me tremendously when I was starting out. So, I thought I’d put this video together to help you get started the right way.

We’ll cover a lot in this tutorial, so get ready to take some notes! Just know, that although it may look confusing in the beginning, when you’re done with this video bootcamp series, you’ll have these strategies down to a science. In fact, when following just this video thru till the end, things will become more and more clear…. so, pay close attention…

Understanding The Marketing Process, Funded Proposals and Putting All The Pieces Of The Puzzle Together:

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Understanding Your Why By Jon Mroz

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Understanding and Implementing this training can Seriously be PRICELESS for the modern Entrepreneur interested in adding automation to their marketing efforts. This is true “Time Leverage” using the power of the Internet.

Be sure to bookmark this page. If for any reason you need a refresher course, this video should get you back on track.

Important Notes:

Discover Your Target Market

Offer Your Market, Valuable Attractive Solutions To Their Problems. (Find The Problem, Offer The Solution)

Lead With A Funded Proposal System Rather Than Your Opportunity

Build Your List and Earn Commissions On The Front End

Enroll Distributors After Creating The Relationship

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