Jon Mroz’s New Marketing Program – What’s The Deal With The Total Funnel System?

Jon Mroz’s New Marketing Program – What’s The Deal With The Total Funnel System?

Total Funnel System

What is Jon Mroz’s New Marketing System / Program All About? 

In this review, we’ll get an insiders look at the “free marketing system” Jon Mroz built in an effort to get your questions answered. Our intention is to provide you with a detailed look as to how you’ll progress within the program while giving you an unbiased review ensuring you can make an informed educated decision as to whether or not Jon Mroz’s program is a right fit for you.

What is the Total Funnel System?

After years in the online marketing profession, Jon Mroz has been fortunate enough to work with tens of thousands of marketers from across the globe. He noticed what was lacking, and what was causing new people entering into the online entrepreneurial industry to struggle. In an effort to solve these issues, he developed a total system / program and appropriately gave it the name of “Total Funnel System. The Total Funnel System is a marketing platform that gives users the option to take advantage of proven and tested marketing funnels, enabling them to start a legitimate online business without any up-front costs.

As a contributor to the online marketing arena for some time now, Total Funnel System creator, Jon Mroz often gets asked the question:

“Why do I have to pay, to earn?”

This is a very common question from those with the employee mindset. They look at opportunity as a J.O.B. rather than an investment in their future. Those with the entrepreneurial mindset understand that building businesses often come with start-up costs.

Total Funnel System creator, Jon Mroz wanted to merge the J.O.B. mentality with the entrepreneurial mentality, giving his members the ability to start an online business WITHOUT the expense. And to be quite honest – I feel we did an amazing job with The Total Funnel System.

Essentially, in Step 1, he is putting you (the Total Funnel System member) to work for fortune 500 companies (like Netflix and Free Credit Report).

Your Job Is To:

  • First: Enroll as a member to the fortune 500 company’s “free trials”.
  • Second: Advertise for these fortune 500 companies enabling others to enroll to those company’s free trials as well.

You see, these companies know that it’s really all a numbers game. If they can get enough people to try their free trials, and they provide those customers with excellent products and services, many of them will continue the service with them.

For Example: (a HUGELY popular video streaming service), offers their subscribers a 1 month Free Trial which enables you to use their services without ANY up-front payments. 

You see, to Netflix – it’s a numbers game.

They know that if they can get enough people to try out their service for Free, surely some of these free trials will turn into paid subscriptions when their free trial is up.

Make sense?

Our job is simple – get Netflix more people to try out their services… for free.

It’s a win/win situation:

Netflix gets the numbers they need, we get the commissions for delivering them the numbers.

So, even though not everyone will continue their trials, these fortune 500 companies are willing to pay YOU (the Total Funnel System member) to get more customers to their door (so to speak).

You drive the traffic to them, and they pay you. It’s as simple as that.
You are the advertiser.

Total Funnel System (Getting Started)

Total Funnel System uses a 3rd party system called “My Cash Freebies Express” and “My Cash Freebies Double”. In step 1 of Total Funnel System, you simply join these 2 systems at no charge. The purpose of joining these systems is to track your enrollment into the free trials, and they also track when your enrollees get signed up for the free trials as well. This ensures that you get credit for the signup and YOU keep the cash.

When someone joins Total Funnel System thru your link (provided to you when you join) and completes the enrollment process into the Free Trials thru Step 1 – You Get Paid… and Quick! Sometimes in as quick as one hour. Although we cannot guarantee that you will make any income at all, it is not uncommon for Total Funnel System members to earn as much as $300 to $500 daily where some of the leaders are earning an extra $6,940.00 their very first month (income varies dependent on your effort). The image below shows an example of just one of the members who completed the first step:

The results seen above were achieved with dedication, effort and hard work. Results will vary between users.

See our income disclaimer here

Total Funnel System – The Marketing System

Upon enrollment into the Total Funnel System, your 100% FREE marketing system is immediately made available to you, and your “link to promote” is displayed upon logging in. And what’s great – all of your marketing funnels are already created for you. If you can fill out a short form online, you can do this. Once your form has been completed, you are INSTANTLY provided with everything listed below… At ZERO Cost.

  • The Total Funnel System Marketing System
  • A Highly Converting Lead Capture Page
  • A Fully Loaded Autoresponder Campaign To Help Convert Your Visitors Into Sales
  • Several On-Demand Webinar Presentations that walk your prospects thru the process of completing the simple 3 step process in setting up their online business (which puts more cash in your pocket)
  • A Highly Converting Funnel System
  • A Fully Customizable Back Office that enables you to add your picture and contact information
  • The Ability To Profit From Multiple Income Streams ensuring that your income potential is NEVER capped
  • And the ability to earn commissions at ZERO cost to you.

Not too bad for a marketing system that doesn’t cost you a penny to get started… right?

The Total Funnel System OPTIONAL Steps

Any good marketing system wouldn’t be complete without a back end up-sell. “Oh, here we go” – I can already hear it : )

Although not mandatory, Total Funnel System gives its members the ability to earn passive residual income with what we have found to be the most valuable marketing, training, and educational products we have found in existence today. This step is optional, and it is for those that are ready to take their marketing career to the next level. if you decide to proceed with step 2, you will also have the ability to resell these marketing products, keeping those commissions as well.

Total Funnel System Final Step

Step 3 of the Total Funnel System provides the automation aspect to the system. This is where the system “takes over for you” and does the selling and telling for you with complete automation, without any effort from you… once you set it up. Step 3 is also optional but if you decide to proceed with step 3, you will find that you will have your own autoresponder system that reaches out to your prospects thru email on a daily basis.

Total Funnel System Final Thought

In conclusion, Total Funnel System is a proven FREE front end marketing system that enables you to earn commissions without ANY out of pocket expenses, ensuring you stay in the green. Optionally, the Total Funnel System gives you the potential to take your online career to the next level, ensuring that your income is never capped by enabling you to earn from the most powerful educational products that we have found online. With the Total Funnel System, you can use a 100% free marketing system with a 100% free way to start earning an income online (without any upfront costs), and optionally expand into a business with a limitless income potential when you decide to invest in the additional steps. It is a process that has proven to work time and time again.

Our goal with the Total Funnel System is to help people get started in producing an income online without ANY upfront costs, while delivering extreme value, training, products and support.

  • You get the system – 100% free
  • You get a way to start earning an income online – 100% free
  • You get expanded capabilities ensuring that your income potential is never capped
  • You get to leverage the branding and experience of a multi-million dollar earner
  • You get to tap into training from people who are producing the results that YOU want to be producing yourself

Complete The Total Funnel System Simple 3 Step Process Below

What are your thoughts on Jon Mroz’s Total Funnel System? Leave  your comments below.

Having a Business AND a Life – Possible?

Having a Business AND a Life – Possible?

Having a business and a life. Possible? 

What an experience these past few months have been! Or, should I say – past year has been.

This year has been one of “living what this industry is really all about”. All too often you hear how this industry (online marketing, mlm, network marketing, etc.) gives you the ability to achieve complete and total financial freedom, and more importantly – time freedom. And while it IS true that your earning potential has virtually no cap, those of us (especially those who are in their first years of building their online empire) can … to be honest, be quite the contradiction when it comes to time freedom and what you have to sacrifice to get it.

jonmroz-check-empower-networkYou see… all too often, you hear of entrepreneurs earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in very short periods of time. Heck, I’m guilty of this as well – Here you can see where I picked up an over-sized check for $133,800.00 on stage at a recent event held in Atlanta. But, what you don’t often hear about is the work that goes into creating these massive incomes in short periods of time.


Because effort and work DOESN’T sell.
Big checks and Time freedom DOES sell.

Well, today… I want to tell you a little about the effort and work that goes into creating complete and total financial freedom, and more importantly – Time Freedom.

You see – my story is not special. It’s not one that differs from most of the success stories of our industry.

I Went From Nothing To Something Because I Was Willing To Work For It.

  • When times got tough, I showed up.
  • I stopped making excuses on why “I couldn’t”, and instead started taking action.
  • And nope… contrary to popular belief, those of us who are succeeding online were not born with huge lists of people to market to – we had to work for that too. : )
  • But most importantly… I never gave up.

It’s such a tragedy when I see people quit so close to their goals. Believe me, I was there. I’ve been thru the struggles. Sometimes, the difference between success and failure is just pushing thru when times get tough.

What It Really Takes To Succeed

The fact is, just about every success story in the world starts with what we like to call – “The Grind”. This was a huge topic of discussion at one of our more recent “Masters Retreats” held at the Papagayo Resort in beautiful Costa Rica.

You can think of the “Grind” as your learning curve. It’s the toughest part of growing your business… but it is essential.

online marketing learning curveYou see, there is a commonality in those that have achieved substantial success. In the beginning, they all buckled down and went through a learning curve. It doesn’t matter what J.O.B., career, or business were discussing… I’m sorry to tell you, if you plan on achieving above average results, it’s mandatory – you have to go thru it.

The good news, what can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in education from ivy league schools, can be achieved at a tiny fraction of the cost with unlimited earning potential within our industry. What’s even better, YOU have the option as to who you work with in helping you achieve your desired result.

For me – financial freedom came a close second to time freedom. Time Freedom was something that I didn’t have much of my entire life. So when I read the sales pages… you know the ones that claim to give you complete and total financial and time freedom… well, I was sold.

When getting started in this industry, I knew in the early stages that mastering systems would allow me the ability to automate large portions of my online business, freeing up more time to be spent on the things that I enjoy doing. So, after going thru “the grind” dedicating my time and energy into learning systems, listening to my teammates wants and needs when it comes to proven strategies that work when applied, and collaborating with other leaders to create amazing support communities to ensure no one was left behind…

…It Was Finally Time To Put It All To The Test

In November of 2011 I partnered up with a low cost entry program called Empower Network. I built a system around it that enabled me to not only automate the recruiting process, but also automate the recruiting process AND the training process for those that teamed up with me. They simply plugged in, applied what I had created for them in advance, saw results, and we were off to building a massive organization with me.

Now don’t get me wrong, my first couple months (November and December) were spent handling the initial start up and building a strong front line. I put my time in for a bit…

…Then, I was off to my travels.

If This Industry Claimed To Create Complete Financial and Time Freedom – It Was about Time For Me To Put It To The Test.

It all started in on New Year’s Eve in Time Square, New York. This was one of the toughest trips on me when it came to “letting go” of my business. For the first time in 3 years, I wasn’t manning the phones and making sure everything was “just so”. You see, I had been so conditioned that in order to make money, you had to be working hard at your J.O.B. or producing on a daily basis to keep your current cash flow coming in. While in New York, I didn’t work a single day and had a record new year’s holiday week earning over $10,300 the first week in January.

New Year’s Eve In New York City: 


In June, I was off to Atlanta to attend a massive event that literally changed the game for thousands of marketers worldwide. Below, you can check out a couple photos from this “Don’t Be A Wussy” Event which included stretched ‘Hummer’ Limos, an Oversized $133,800.00 check, and Mass Amounts of People changing their lives – for good.

In August we were off to the beautiful Papagayo Resort in Costa Rica for an exclusive Masters Retreat. Here, we met up with some of the world’s top marketers, including David Wood, Deagan Smith and many others. We shared stories, strategies and masterminded with the best, all while enjoying some of the most breathtaking scenery on earth. We sailed catamarans with our closest marketing buddies to private islands, went scuba diving with tropical fish and went jet skiing till sunset – it was quite the adventure.

And finally in September, we decided to tour Europe. We started off in Amsterdam visiting some of the most famous squares and plazas Holland has to offer and then we were off to Spain…


Then, we were off to the largest city and capital of Spain, Madrid: 


Coming from the music industry… Ibiza, Spain has always been on the bucket list as a “must see” destination. And I gotta say – it was nothing short of unbelievable.

Ibiza, Spain


Back At The Hotel

… And At The Events



See the entire photo album on my facebook page here (opens in new window)

So Why Do I Share All This With You?

Is it to brag or boast?
Is it to make you jealous?

You know, I heard some very interesting quotes a couple years ago. And it was right then that I decided that I was going to start thinking and living like the wealthy… and I was going to start – immediately.

  • Wealthy people admire other wealthy and successful people. Poor people resent the wealthy and successful.
  • Wealthy people believe: “I create my life.” Poor people believe: “Life happens to me.”
  • Wealthy people play the money game to WIN. Poor people play the money game not to lose.
  • Wealthy people think BIG. Poor People think small.
  • Wealthy people get paid by the results they create. Poor people choose to trade their TIME for money.
  • Wealthy people think: “Both”! Poor people think: “either/or”.
  • Wealthy people associate with positive, successful people. Poor people associate with the negative and unsuccessful.
  • Wealthy people constantly learn and grow. Poor people think they already know.
  • Wealthy people focus on opportunity. Poor people focus on obstacles.

The Results

It’s funny, while traveling the globe these past few months, I decided to let go. I decided to think bigger. I decided to put systems to work for me, and instead of trading time for money, I decided to leverage my efforts and let them work for me, over and over again.

And Here’s What Happened:

Over $273,635.00 In Commissions Earned From ONE Income Stream


Income Disclosure: Although these results are 100% verifiable. They are my results and were achieved with effort and hard work. There is no guarantee that you will achieve the same results. View our income disclosure statement here.

A Team Built In The Thousands

And just this past month (while I was NOT working in Europe) was named the world’s top attraction marketing system’s member of the month – “My Lead System Pro”.

my lead system pro member of the month jon mroz

MLSP / See how I use MLSP to help automate my business here

So, I share these stories of travel and success as motivation.

It can be done. Anyone that has the drive, and the willingness to

The Question Is…

How will you decide to think?
How will you decide to live?
What actions will you take TODAY, to ensure you accomplish the goals you have set for tomorrow, and beyond?


Work With Me Here, and Pick Up Thousands in Bonuses, Gaining Access To The System That Created The Results Above

So, did you enjoy the pictures above? How are you deciding to think … and live?

Share your comments below and be sure to post this to social media if you found value. 

2 Things That Are KILLING Your Business and How To Overcome Them…

2 Things That Are KILLING Your Business and How To Overcome Them…

Business Killers and How To Obliterate Them…

What’s covered in this post has taken me years to actually ‘get’. It’s 1 thing to hear about the problems that can be holding you back… but it’s a whole different story when it comes to taking the action steps that will form positive daily habits to abolish these issues.

Today, I’ll share with you how I was able to conquer these “Business Killers” and how you can take the same actions to do the same if you choose. With that being said…

spinning-wheels-headHere’s 2 reasons why many can’t make an online business work (and spend months/years spinning their wheels):

  1. They are spending their time on the wrong things.
  2. They are constantly changing directions (so they never get traction).

First, let’s take a look at reason #1 and identify some of the things that you should NOT be wasting your time on:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Time Wasters and “Negative Nellies”
  • Distractions
  • Social Media (the wrong way)

Although SOME of the things above CAN be semi-important at times, they are considered “LOW Yield” activities and can wait until you accomplish your ‘High Yield” tasks for the day.

Email and Phone:

For example, when  I was getting my start – I always had my email open and literally checked it 50 times or more daily. To clarify, I did this while I was working on my HIGH Yield activities. Obviously, this slowed down my production, and I got waaay less accomplished because I was consistently distracted. (Learn more about low yield and high yield activities here.)

Now, I only allow myself to check email for 15 minutes in the morning, and then again, AFTER I finish my self-assigned “High Yield” tasks for the day. I do the same with phone calls and usually start returning calls after 3:PM or 4:PM daily to allow myself time to get my marketing done first.

Time Wasters and “Negative Nellie’s”:

No NegativityThis is a BIG one. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re a seasoned vet – you’re always going to have time-wasters and negative Nellie’s trying to steal your dreams. If you haven’t made your first sale, or enrolled anyone into your business yet, it’s likely that you’ll hear all the common negative remarks from those that are closest to you, such as:

  • “Are you still wasting time on that get-rich-quick scheme?”
  • “Why don’t you get a REAL J.O.B.?”,
  • “Isn’t that a pyramid thing?”

… and that’s OK. A lot of the time, the ones closest to you are quickest to voice their opinion (educated or not). It is important that you distance yourself from these remarks. They are “DREAM CRUSHERS”. Put simply, anyone who makes these remarks are uneducated in the field of Entrepreneurism and are best suited as an employee working a 9 to 5 to grow someone ELSE’s fortune rather than their own. OR, they can decide to get educated on the subject and learn the potential they have in growing their OWN business. I just wouldn’t waste my time trying to convince them of the latter.

Heck, I remember when I got started – I faced endless ridicule, and people questioned what I was doing all the time – and guess what … now that I’ve experienced a substantial amount of success, these same people are asking me how they can get started.  Oh, how the tables turn. : )

Once you do start to see results, you’ll find that the time wasters and negative Nellie’s will slowly start to fade from the outside, however, you will still find them within. What does this mean? Well, one example is that you’ll find that some, just getting started with  you in your business will have the “lottery mentality”. They feel that just because they invested into growing their own business (at a fraction of the price of what it would cost in the real world, I might add), that they should instantly start making a profit without doing any work. You’ll also find that many will email, and phone you consistently without ever taking action on their own. And again, this is OK – there are solutions.

In this industry, you can learn to leverage systems, technology and video to help your teammates on a large scale. When plugging your teammates into team training, you’ll find that the majority will get serious and follow a proven system.

It’s actually quite funny – you’ll find that your biggest producers often contact you the least, and the people who never produce, contact you the most. It is up to you to prioritize your time, ensuring that you spend your time wisely on high yield activities, reward your top producers, and get your time wasters plugged into systems that will teach them how to become top producers, and become an asset to your team. It is great to help them, just make sure that they are taking action and applying proven training in place by you or your upline. They can’t expect you to do everything. Otherwise, you’ll quickly be out of business.


If you entering into this industry coming from the Employee mindset, you are more than likely all too familiar with a boss looming over your shoulder. Becoming an Entrepreneur can be exciting, yet scary at the same time. Where once you had deadlines to meet, it is now up to you to set your own tasks and meet your own deadlines. Your co-workers become the TV, The Fridge, Your Telephone, Social Media, Pets, Kids… you name it – there are endless distractions to keep you busy. It is up to you to set specific times where you will not and cannot be disturbed to ensure you produce, to see results in your business.

How Do You Avoid These Time Wasters, Pit Falls and Business Killers?

Set Schedules.

Sounds simple, right?

For me, this actually took months (closer to a year) to break my time wasting bad habits.

It wasn’t until I started to assign myself allotted times for accomplishing tasks (low yield and high yield) that I was able to start producing massive results in my business. And I was able to get more done in less time.

So… Where Should Your Time Be Spent?

For marketers, good examples of where your time should be focused on are:

  • Building your list
  • Driving traffic to your offer
  • Creating content that will produce results

And on a side note – Adding fitness into your routine can be a HUGE motivator. I noticed that when I started working out daily, I was able to accomplish more in less time. I am more focused, have more energy, and am more eager to take massive action.

Becoming an Entrepreneur is about much more than just becoming your own boss. It is about personal self growth, development, and becoming a more well rounded, better person. Getting paid to do this, is just an added bonus.

weekly-calendarDownload A Free Weekly Schedule Here

Assign 1 or 2 high yield activities to your schedule daily.

Those could be:

  • Create a blog post
  • Write an article
  • Make a video
  • Create a facebook ppc ad

And then assign 2 to low yield activities to your schedule.

Those could be:

  • 1 hour for email
  • 1 hour for follow-up phone calls
  • 1 hour for working out
  • 1 hour for leadership call with teammate

Be sure to schedule some time for breaks and enjoying some leisure time as well.

NOTE: Don’t add more than you can handle or you’ll end up overwhelmed.
This only leads to inaction. It is better to accomplish the 2 to 3 tasks on your calendar and get a bonus task in than to accomplish 3 out of 5 tasks and feel that you didn’t accomplish enough because there’s more to do on your list.

Business Killer #2 – Constantly Changing Direction Before Getting Traction.

All too often I see people get started on the right path, then… they fall short of reaching their goal because they lose sight of their “Why” – Their reasoning for getting started in this industry to begin with.

They place blame on a company or a sponsor, and look for the easy way out.
Sometimes they quit! – Which is the biggest mistake, tragedy and dream crusher I’ve known in this industry.
Sometimes they join a different program.

They look for mistakes in the opportunity where instead, they should be looking for the mistakes that they made.

Jumping from one thing to the next will never solve your recruiting or sales problems.

The fact is… once you “Get it” you can make a good income with most opportunities online (as long as you do your research and choose a company with a great product and comp plan).

focus-on-goalsI honestly believe that focusing on just ONE project at a time, and sticking with it until it’s 100% completed, is one of the biggest secrets to doing well online.

It truly is.

I have personally created huge results working on a single project, then automating the project to see massive results, and then repeated that process.

Now, if you’re guilty of taking on way too much, here’s what I want you to do:

Pick one area of your business you want to work on.

For example: you may want to learn how to get more leads using Facebook PPC.

Now… focus on it for at least 2 hours a day, until you have mastered it.

Pick a goal you’d like to achieve – such as getting to 50+ leads a day, and take at least 1 action towards achieving this goal daily.

That’s what you need to do: focus on just one thing at a time.


One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular. ~ Tony Robbins

Want To Work With Me? Learn How Here

If You Do Not Have A Step By Step Blueprint In Place To Generate You Leads On Demand, Click Here

I’d love to get your feedback on the post above. Share your comments below, and don’t forget to share on social media if you think this will help others 🙂

Capture Page Creation | Opt-In Pages That Convert…

Capture Page Creation | Opt-In Pages That Convert…

How To Easily Create Beautiful, Highly Converting Capture Pages With Zero Technical Skills

Today’s lesson is a blast… and Extremely Valuable (I might add). I remember my early days searching endlessly online for the best, most easiest way to create a capture page. I ended up spending hundreds of dollars on systems and tools that only enabled the system creators the ability to capture my leads that I worked so hard to generate.

That Was The Past

So, what did I do? I bought a course on how to build web sites using html editors and I created my first capture pages from scratch! After learning how to get my own capture pages online, I created a FREE step by step video tutorial for you to follow showing you exactly how to do the same – you can watch that here. Now, I must warn you – that video is somewhat ancient, and the capture pages that you’ll end up producing might not be the most attractive things online, but hey – they did the job in 2009 and you’ll pick up some great knowledge within that training, along with some free software.

The Future of Capture Page Creation

Luckily for us, technology is moving at the speed of light and we NOW have systems and tools that give us the ability to produce beautiful, endlessly tested, extremely high converting capture pages online within minutes… without any technical knowledge, coding or html knowledge whatsoever.


How To Create Beautiful, Highly Converting Capture Pages:

Click The Expand Option To Watch Full Screen and The < Option To Share.

Your Important ResourcesYour Important Free Resources:

If you decide to design certain aspects of your capture page, here is a free photo editing software (similar to photoshop) – PhotoFiltre

To watch the old video tutorial that shows you how to get a capture page online using all free tools and software click here.

1.) To easily set up your own capture page that gives you 100% control of your leads, choose an option below:

Optimize PressOptimize Press is the result of nearly 4 years of research and testing that created the best sales pages, squeeze pages, blogs, membership sites, and launch funnels used by just about every major marketer in the industry. If you ever struggled creating any of the for-mentioned, Optimize Press simplifies the process, and you’ll be up and running before you can catch your breath. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. To learn more, Visit My Optimize Press Review or Go To The Official Optimize Press.

MLSP (MY Lead System Pro) Jon MrozTo use systems with pre-built sales funnels and dozens of capture page templates, along with hundreds of hours of Marketing Training, on just about every subject you could hope to learn about, from the industries top producers and leaders… I strongly recommend MLSP (My Lead System Pro)

If you are not interested in using a system, or wordpress, another good option would be Hot Video Squeeze Templates

2.) Make sure you have the 3 following essentials in getting your pages online:

For tutorials on how to set up the above, please refer to previous lessons.

3.) Newly updated: The best capture page and sales funnel creator: ClickFunnels

Moving On To Traffic Generation

And that just about covers our lessons on setting  up conversion! In the next lesson, we’ll dive into Traffic generation starting off with one of my favorite strategies – SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And get ready… because we get DEEP into it. The training that you’ll receive tomorrow truly has the potential to change your online business forever… IF you apply it.  So, get your capture pages online TODAY, and get ready to market tomorrow.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.

~ Henry Ford

Want To Work With Me? Learn How Here

If You Do Not Have A Step By Step Blueprint In Place To Generate You Leads On Demand, Click Here

I’d love to get your feedback on the video above. Leave Your comments below and let us know how you’ll be using your new capture page… and don’t forget to share on social media. 🙂

Entrepreneurial Mindset | Understanding Your "WHY"

Entrepreneurial Mindset | Understanding Your "WHY"

Without getting in the right state of mind, and understanding the “Entrepreneurial Mindset“, you could be setting yourself up for failure right from the start. Before marketing anything online, it is vitally important that you understand the key elements to a successful business. Getting this wrong, could cost you thousands over the course of your online career.

So, let’s get into it and ensure that you get started on the right track.

In the video below, you’ll discover your core motivation, that will be the driving force to fuel your entrepreneurial engine. It will breathe life into your goals, dreams and ambitions.


Your Core Motivation – Discovering Your “WHY”

Click The Expand Options To Watch Full Screen and The < Option To Share.

Understanding Your Why By Jon Mroz

Click Here To Download and Listen To This Audio On Your PC, iPod, or iPhone

“When the reason or the “WHY” is big enough, you will be willing to perform almost any HOW”

Starting tomorrow, we’ll be getting into the “Hows“, but before we can do that, it is vitally important that you know what drive’s you… what will keep you in the game, ensuring that you don’t fail.

Entrepreneurial MindsetWhat are you willing to fight for?

To Truly ignite your inner drive, you have to look beyond the motivation of monetary and material goals. Until you set your desire and motivation in place, you’ll abandon any new path that you seek to a better life.

Write down what drives you, and post it somewhere that you’ll see it daily.

To Learn how to integrate Mindset, Traffic, Conversion, and Duplication into your business seamlessly, click the button below.


What drives your goals, dreams and ambitions? Leave Your comments below!