Keyword Research + On Page & Off Page SEO = Long-Term Sustainable Traffic

The 3 Key Elements To A Successful SEO Campaign Finally Revealed

This is a BIG one! So, go ahead and book mark this page now. You’ll more than likely be needing to come back to this one often.

Bookmark this pageSEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of my favorite forms of traffic generation, and at the same time… one of my least favorite. We have a love / hate relationship. You see, the basics are somewhat easy to understand once you GET IT, but “getting it” can take a while if your buying courses from the SEO gurus. For some odd reason, they like to over-complicate things – maybe to sell more products?

Well, after buying dozens of courses and spending thousands of dollars, here is my simplified formula to ensure you get the most out of your SEO campaigns. This is truly valuable information right here and when applied, it has the chance to change your business forever. It is this exact process, that took me from $0 to multiple 6 figures online, and it continues to pay me over and over again for work that I did months… or years ago.

So, let’s get into it. Be sure to stick around for this one, because in the last 5 minutes I reveal some very important strategies.

Step 1 – Discover your market …

How To Effectively Choose High Traffic / Low Competition Keywords, and Get Endless Content Ideas For Massive Traffic:

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Important Resources:

Websites To Find Keywords On:

Free Keyword Tools:

Google Keyword Tool

SEO Quake for Firefox

Google Global for Firefox

Optional Premium Keyword Research Tool For More Accurate Results (Free Trial):

Market Samurai

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After you have discovered your market and found the “High Traffic / Low Competition” keywords that you plan to rank for, now you’ll want to create content pertaining to those keywords. Just be sure your content is ready for the search engines. You can do this by optimizing it using the strategies below:


On Page SEO: How To Optimize Your Blog Posts To Reach The First Pages Of Google For Endless Automated Traffic:

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Important Resources:

On Page SEO Powerpoint Presentation On Page SEO Power Point

SEO PressorSEO Pressor Is like having an SEO guru looking over your shoulder while your creating your creating content. Although SEO Pressor is powerful, you can simply use the video tutorial above to get the same results on your own. If you decide to get SEO pressor, you must have your own self hosted wordpress blog. Simply enter your keyword into the provided area when creating a post and write your content. After  you have finished with your post, SEO Pressor will show you what you need to do to optimize your content.

Optional Premium On Page SEO Plugin For Those That Own Their Own Self-hosted WordPress Blog.

SEO Pressor

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After your content has been optimized and it’s ready to get analyzed by the google bots, it’s time to build some backlinks… that’s right – “Link Juice”! This will ensure your rankings when properly implemented. Depending on how competitive your market is, it will help you easily reach the top of the search engines, and stay there… for automated traffic, leads and sales for years to come.


Off Page SEO – How To Ensure Top Rankings In The Search Engines… and Stay There:

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Important Resources:

On Page SEO Powerpoint Presentation Off Page SEO Power Point

Free Off Page SEO Resources:

Use to ensure you are submitting your content to high ranking web sites

Click Here for a list of High PR Article Directories to submit your content to for high quality back links

How to hyperlink your anchor text in the author resource box: <a href=””>Your Keyword Here</a>

Additional hyper-linking info

Use OnlyWire to find a list of social bookmarking sites

Click Here to download my update services text file mentioned in the video above. Settings > Writing

Use to ping your blog post URL’s and article URL’s for quicker indexing, or to maximize your pinging process use Ping Kaching.

And as promised, here are the tools that I am currently using to build massive back links and reach the top of the search engines:

article-marketing-robot                  only-wire       Tribe Pro

Article Marketing Robot         OnlyWire                 Tribe Pro

Magic SubmitterSEO   seo-link-monster

Magic Submitter                   Unique Article Wizard              SEO Link Monster

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So there you have it – my 3 step 6 figure formula in creating massive sustainable traffic for more leads and automated sales in your business.

Now, it’s up to you to apply it.

“There are two posible routes to affluence. Either produce much, or desire little. ”

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