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Jon Mroz Testimonials

What Does Jon Mroz’ Training REALLY Do?

See What Others Had To Say:

Hey Jon –

Just wanted to say “Thank You” for getting me headed in the right direction – I got 2 sales yesterday!!!

Let’s talk more soon. I want to ramp this thing up!

Cheers man,

Eric Land



First off I need to humbly thank you as you are responsible for my breakthrough!
I’m there and it all because of you! Yes, I need to continue to be a student and learn,
but now it’s fun! I LOVE THIS!!

I’m so grateful to you. I can now become a role model for the boomers! We can do this too. I’ve always tried and never given up and I know this is why the universe put you in my path!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are amazing.

Wendy Nicholls


OMIGOSH your Keyword Research release just connected so many dots for me! It’s the last piece of the puzzle that I so needed. Jon you are amazing and you changed my life! 7 figures here I come! NO QUESTION!


Just a short note to say THANKS Jon!! To be honest I don’t know exactly how I found you online but where ever or however I found you I’m sure glad I did. You are a Great Leader and Sponsor who is doing more for your team than anyone else I know of and following your leadership I have no doubt I will be successful in this industry.

Jeff Hendrick



I have noticed in my life and in the lives of others that they keep certain people in their minds as important to them. For example, many people mention Obama often, and others mention their fathers often, and others mention their mothers often…. You know what name I mention to people? I mention the name: “Jon Mroz”. I tell your name and your site to people so often I have lost track of to whom and how often! (Don’t worry, it’s not weird!).

My experience learning from you, is what I have been waiting for.

Just thought I should tell you this.

As I gain more personal success online, I will want to meet you in person and shake your hand. You are very valuable to me. Great stuff you are doing!

Ricky B. Mills



I really appreciate you taking the time to help me last night. We covered so much info that it was mind boggling. I am so grateful and thankful to have you as a Business Partner and Friend. I will stay in contact with you on my progress and for further assistance with growing our business.

Bye for Now!

To Your Much Success,

Raena Lynn


Hello Jon,

I think you are awesome! Your blog, videos, tools, and knowledge have helped me so much. I know I’m an entrepreneur trying to break out and I’m determined to make this business work.

Your step by step approach in order helped me to sort out the process.

I would love to follow your lead of helping others succeed and giving them good foundational instruction to get going. My goal is to develop into the professional marketer you are. Thanks for your example. Your impact is profound.


David A Query


In researching Jon Mroz on his personal site and others, I’ve found an incredibly down to earth guy. Very humble and yet confidant in his abilities as a coach and mentor who has an exceptionally firm grasp of the internet and the possibilities it belies for those willing to accept his tutelage…

Thank You!

Stephen Browns


Dear Jon,

I really can’t express enough just how grateful I am. You’re not only a star amongst the stars but a true and genuine person.

If there is anything I can ever do for you please feel free to let me know.
I’m going to get into massive action and implement my strategy. I’ll let you know how it all turns out.

Once again, THANKS!
P.S. I’m based in South Africa by the way. If you’re ever around be sure to let a brother know…

Brian Wells


Jon, you are awesome!!

Things are looking up — I got my first sale, I just headlined the last BetterNetworker newsletter, and I’m starting to get leads even without FB PPC. And I have YOU to thank for it. 🙂

Thanks again for everything. I certainly hope I can give you back some value one of these days.

Mike DeBias


Hi Jon,

I am so glad I researched the Internet to find you…one day I will forward the email to you of the stranger who spammed me to introduce this company to me…I was not impressed with his presentation but I was impressed with the company, so I thought I would google-search for a sponsor that was more to my liking…I asked for Divine Guidance and the Force led me to you!

Thank God, and Thank you

Stephen Clark


“There are so many things I want to see and do, but those dreams have been far out of reach until now. After I got off the phone with you today I told myself I know you helped me finally “crack the code”, and that I am going to fly down and visit you so I can shake your hand and meet you personally.

Dude, I got 257,000 miles on my little 97 Corolla. I bought it less than 4 years ago and it had 95,000 on it. I accumulated all those from the Quixtar/Amway business I built for years. I have driven all over the country to promote that business. This kind of marketing and sponsoring that you are teaching me is SOOOOOO way ahead of all those offline players. No comparison. I know from first hand experience. This is a breath of fresh air for me.

And your support so far has been second to none. Hopefully I’m not bugging you 😉

I will definitely emulate your passion for mentoring.”

Kathy Stump


Hi Jon,

Just wanted to thank you for the amazing training site. Can’t wait to get started doing my business the right way…

Regina, Sk



I went through the training website and wow there’s a lot of great material in it! The best training website I have seen and it is all free which is great for the newbie like myself and others that are going to join our team. I can’t wait to brag about our training to people that will be looking at our business.
You’ve got me off to a great start!!!!!

Thank You Jon

Joseph S Collins


Hey Jon, I have been in this business for some time. It’s not easy but I love it. I was very impressed with your call back, within minutes. You are one person that I would want to do this business or any other venture in the Internet marketing venue. I think we could kick ass in this . I will be in touch with you. You have a great program. Jon, that you should be proud of guy. Great work. SEE YA SOON

Brad Kirby


Hey Jon,

Once again, thanks for your leadership and guidance. Of all the businesses I’ve tried, this is by far the most confident I have ever felt. I know that by being on your Team I will be able to succeed, not only in this company, but anything I put my mind to.

Thanks Again,

John Pells



I’ve been looking for a few things in the past few years –
1. A product that people want;
2. An online turnkey system for recruiting business minded people;
3. A business that will support me when I retire from my Government job;
4. Someone who thinks like me.

Seems like I may have struck the Jackpot. Thanks Jon.
The Law of Attraction continues to work.




Hey Jon,
As always you have helped me to stay on course……..

The training site is the best imaginable. What an awesome job you did. Just what I needed. I’ll be busy for awhile.

Peace & Blessings

Andy Anderson


WOW!! Jon what you have and are doing for us is phenomenal.. I have been on many teams in my marketing career but I can truly say that I have never had a leader give so much as you do. Some say they want you to succeed…but you are actually proactive. I am very proud to be a part of your team.

Terry Plank


Hey Jon,
I couldn’t be more excited. After trying a bunch of loser programs and wasting a lot of money over the past 3 months it’s a great relief to find someone who really wants his teammates to succeed.

Your training is excellent and will make it easier for people to implement and get started making money online.

It’s the implementation that has been the hardest for me but with your step-by-step program that problem is solved.

With great appreciation I say Thank You.

Mike Bryan


Hey Jon,

Man! I really appreciate everything you do for you team members, and I truly believe I couldn’t have made a better decision than to join your team. I have learned a lot in the past few weeks, and I am using this new found knowledge to take small step towards my goals each day. The site looks amazing by the way, keep up the good work!

Thanks again!

Talk to you soon,

Loren Wenning


Hey Jon,

I just wanted to say Thank you for all you have done in the training area for your team. WOW!! I never told you, but I really struggled to get an online presence for the last year and a half, just not having all the right information to put the pieces together, much less companies changing comp plans and products leaving you holding the bag after spending thousands upon thousands. I am so happy to be in this space
with your leadership. Keep climbing those leader boards, dude!!

I hope to model everything you do, and make you a lot of money!! I am very humbled to be on this journey with you!

If there is anything I can do for the team, let me know!

Robert Andolin


Jon, my list is slowly turning into sales! I can’t thank you enough Jon. You were right … it just takes action and implementation of the training.

I try to instill that principal in every email or member I get now.

Thanks buddy, couldn’t have done it without you. If you ever need a testimonial or anything don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.



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