There’s Only 1 Way To REALLY Make Things Happen In Life… Get In The Game. (97% Need To Hear This)

There’s Only 1 Way To REALLY Make Things Happen In Life… Get In The Game. (97% Need To Hear This)

Hi Guys. This is one of my favorite videos posted by a great friend and Mentor of mine. You know, this is almost hard to say… but It’s honestly SAD when I see people Give Up on themselves so easily when I know … for a guaranteed FACT, that the potential to break away from the financial problems that they may be currently facing are literally at their fingertips this very moment. It’s simply just a matter of Getting In The Game and Applying themselves.

This Video Speaks For Itself… So, Here it is…

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Soak it up and put it into action guys.  I REALLY want to see each of us go through revolutionary inward & personal growth… and actually make the changes inside NECESSARY to reach our true goals in life.

If you REALLY take note of what Jonathan addressed today… it could radically change how you “Play” in this game called life.

Lets make it happen!! :) Speak more soon…

Your Partner In Success,
Jon Mroz



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6 Responses to “There’s Only 1 Way To REALLY Make Things Happen In Life… Get In The Game. (97% Need To Hear This)”

  1. Richie Fahy Says:

    Jonathan is right on the money again it is the law of GOYA that everyone forgets about.

  2. Chung Says:

    Hey Jon,

    I have to admit, I need to get IN the game and I’m really not sure why I haven’t…but after watching this video, it definitely is a reality check about What I need to Do now…

    Thanks for sharing and I hope everyone that watches this video seriously Get In The Game too, because if you DON’T, you’re just going to keep doing what you’re doing and let’s be honest, how is that going for ya?

  3. kevin godfrey Says:

    sometimes we need a kick up the backside and some encouragement,
    the vidio is spot on straight to the point. its time for me to start taking notice of that little voice, thanks jon for sharing
    .-= kevin godfrey´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.

  4. Marjorie Says:

    Hi Jon,
    I am guilty, as charged… After listening to Jonathan’s passionate plea, I definitely am going to “get in the game.” The alternative is not a good place to be. Thanks for sharing…

  5. Terry Says:

    Guilty as charge. I understand how important it is to get in the game.
    This is an inspirational video! Thanks Jon!

  6. Steve Says:

    Hey Jon

    This is an inspirational video! Thanks again but I really cant thank you enough for the influence that you and Jonathan has had on my life.

    Jon you got me in the game and I must say that Jonathan has been kicking my boot with all this influential training.

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