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“Unprecedented – This is an Entirely New Level”, Said Marketing Phenom Mike Dillard.  And quite simply, I have to agree. We have all seen Jonathan Budd grow to be one of the strongest Entrepreneurs the industry has ever seen. And while building his empire, he has literally helped thousands of Entrepreneurs GROW as Human Beings, create Better Lives, and Better Incomes for themselves and their families.

Jonathan Budd Connects Privately With Our Team:


Webinar: Thursday, February 24th 9:PM EST

This Webinar Has Ended

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How can I say this? Because I am speaking from personal experience. One of the primary reasons I was able to go full time in my marketing career was because I applied what I learned when taking his classes online.

Now, I will say this. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed… However, I Am Accountable.

As an Entrepreneur, your success relies on Personal Responsibility.

Most people are held accountable by someone else…i.e. their boss, their superior, or their teacher.  In the “working” world, people are held accountable for their actions by someone else.

As an Entrepreneur, it is YOU that must hold “you” accountable.

You have to LEARN to be “self” employed… to take responsibility for your own actions, and or inactions. Unstoppable-Entrepreneur-Review

YOU must step to the plate.
YOU must be responsible.
YOU must make it happen.

There is no room for excuses in this world of Entrepreneurship.  NO EXCUSES.

You see, I became a success story in this industry because I DIDN’T quit…and because I SHOWED UP when it came to “working” the business. I made connections and NETWORKED with some of the greatest minds in our Industry. I learned from the greatest mentors online,  and implemented strategies, and techniques that were Taught to me, and Applied them into my business daily… I Took Action.

So The Question Is…

Will The “Unstoppable Entrepreneur” Event Help YOU?

Going off the assumption that I don’t personally know you in great depth, and that I really don’t know how you’ll apply the invaluable lessons taught at the Unstoppable Entrepreneur event…

Here’s my advice to you.  Start looking in the mirror every day.

Again, success in this business requires that you become personally accountable for your actions, and that you do the things you “say” you want to do.

  • Do you want to learn how to be more productive in your life?
  • Do you want to learn how to create a better income for yourself?
  • Do you want to create some of the strongest connections in our industry, to grow your business?
  • Do you want to network with the “doers” and learn how to ‘do” more for YOUR business?
  • Do you want to learn how to create more time freedom?
  • Do you want to learn how to become your own boss?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, and you apply what you Learn at The “Unstoppable Entrepreneur” Event, there is literally No Limit to the heights in which your business could grow.

“Unstoppable Entrepreneur” and What It Means To You:

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Considering similar events can cost thousands of dollars to attend, you have a Rare and Unique opportunity that lies in front of you. Coming from producing musical events in my past career, I know the cost of event production. And after hearing from Jonathan the details of this event, I can easily say that the admission price of this event is nothing short of a complete steal!

I honestly cannot believe that these tickets are virtually being GIVEN AWAY.

I feel that Unstoppable Entrepreneur will be the most value packed Event our Industry has ever seen. You now have the ability to Meet 1 on 1, and Network with the top minds our community has ever seen. Then, learn from one another to produce greater results for your business. I EXPECT my students, friends, and business partners to be in attendance to pick up the wealth of knowledge that will be shared and distributed throughout this community.

Heck, I don’t even care if you purchase a ticket thru my affiliate link or not… I just want you to attend, connect, learn and apply this invaluable knowledge into your business. (I feel THAT strongly about it)

However, to help “persuade” you to buy through my link, I thought I’d sweeten the pot a bit 🙂

So here’s what I’m going to do to reward your leadership behavior…

Note: Be on the lookout for my email the day Unstoppable Entrepreneur goes live (subscribe below). If you take fast action and purchase your ticket thru my shiny gold plated affiliate link (it’s really just a normal old link : ), you can pick up some of my exclusive Unstoppable Entrepreneur Bonuses Below:

Live Coaching at Unstoppable Entrepreneur

#1: For The First 5 People… 1 Hour Strategy Session With Me AT THE EVENT where we will connect LIVE for an entire hour to discuss YOUR business. I will personally be with you, looking over your shoulder, helping you with some of the struggles you may be experiencing in your business.  This is by far the most important bonus. When learning something new, having the ability to stop and ask questions on the spot will help you grasp the concepts faster. The lowest price that I have ever charged for this is $499.

Congratulations To:

  • Alex Whibley
  • William Raines
  • Richie Williams
  • Jack Ernissee
  • Nancy Bly

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And for EVERYONE that picks up “Unstoppable Entrepreneur” From the link below…

Well, the last thing I want to do is load you up with a bunch of PLR products and distract you from your business. However, I get dozens of emails daily from teammates requesting software, e-books, reports, and or mindset books to provide to their prospects when they opt into their list. So, here’s A Plethora of bonuses that you can use, learn from and then resell, or give away for Free to your clients in any way shape or form (Lead Magnet Anyone?):

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My personal tools, Article Flood and Keyword Flood, That You Can Use To Automate Your Article Writing, Start Performing Your Keyword Research The RIGHT Way, And Use To Leverage The Powerful Techniques Taught In Keyword Flood.

MOST IMPORTANT: A Step-By-Step Blueprint That Takes You By The Hand And Shows You EXACTLY What You Need To Do In Order To Start Driving Traffic And Building High Quality Links In The Least Amount Of Time Possible.

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When you add all these bonuses up, you get an incredible $2,126.94 bonus package. This alone is worth Over 5 times the price of the event ticket itself, and you get it for absolutely FREE, just for taking fast action.

And these are just MY bonuses… this is not including the insane VALUE that you’re going to get as a student at the “Unstoppable Entrepreneur” Event.

The opportunity that lies in front of you here could seriously be LIFE CHANGING. When you stop educating yourself, your business dies. With this level of education, you do not want to waste your time on this.

“Unstoppable Entrepreneur” is going to put you FAR ahead of the curve and show you how to make more money in less time. I’m just making the decision even EASIER for you.

* IMPORTANT* Keep your eyes PEELED to your in-box for updates regarding Unstoppable Entrepreneur. If you’re not on my list, simply opt in to the form below and you’ll also pick up my 10-day Online Business Transformation Video Series… Yours FREE.


I can tell you personally, I’m VERY thankful that this event is taking place. You might not realize how valuable it is to Network with the top minds in our industry and LEARN from the biggest players in the market… but I can easily tell you that it will be a Life Changing experience that should not be missed.

I can GUARANTEE “Unstoppable Entrepreneur” is going to sell out FAST. And Jonathan is only going to keep the doors open to the market for a very short period of time. He’ll then close the gates. And just as a note, I don’t endorse or promote anything that I don’t strongly believe in and KNOW that it has the potential to earn you millions over the course of your online career.

When the opportunity to DEVELOP yourself at a deep level arises… you would be very wise to take it.

To Your Unstoppable Success,
Jon Mroz

Jon Mroz

Unstoppable Entrepreneur

P.S. You have the chance to not only be the FIRST in our industry to know & USE the tactics that will be taught at this event…

…But because you’re becoming a “founding attendee” today, they are going to let you in at the onetime only discounted rate of $297

PLUS … pick up thousands in my personal bonuses…

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