WordPress Basics


WordPress Basics:

Getting familiar with your wordpress theme is essential. Really explore your wordpress dashboard and get a feeling for where everything is located so  you can make quick adjustments when needed. Although all themes are different, most quality themes will allow you to make easy adjustments when it comes to the design of your site.


Understanding WordPress – The Basic Essentials:

(Click on the expand option in the lower right hand corner of the to view full screen)

  • Explore your theme and get familiar with your inner workings for easy editing
  • Remember to brand yourself by uploading a picture to your header. If you get stuck here you can always use Social Media Design Solutions
  • Change your permalink structure to: custom structure – /%postname%/
  • Change your home page to a static page if you want your visitors to view the same page when they arrive to your site
  • Try to keep your content as original as possible and google will reward you. Remember to Add Value. Do you have a USP?
  • Create an offer or free report by posting to your blog and sending your prospects back to your post link through your autoresponder.
  • Use widgets to add your autoresponder to your sidebar (autoresponder tutorial up next).

wordpress basicsNext Up – Understanding and Inserting Autoresponders

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  1. Chris

    This is very valuable info. Thank You

    Chris Thomas

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    As always Jon awesome information, and also just wanted to thank you for all your help!!

  3. Steve

    Great Jon, thanks. Always a pleasure!

  4. Ted

    Love all of the info, Jon. Please keep it coming! As a new person to internet marketing, your website is a goldmine and made it into my Favorites right away.

  5. Tom

    Easy to follow videos. A real web leader.

  6. Steve Sinclair

    Hey Jon

    I’m now setting up my official blog and I just had to come back and watch your 10 day automation video series again. I must say that you couldn’t have make this process any more easier for any one to grasp rite a way.

  7. Sakwasa

    Hi again Jon, I’d just like to know how to get the plugins tab into the wordpress dashboard

  8. Jon Mroz

    Hi Sakwasa, the plugins tab is automatically added when you install wordpress. Just look to the left hand side – it is below “appearance” 🙂

  9. Sakwasa

    Sorry I should have been more specific, I was looking for wordpress.com’s plugin tab, but I recently found out that only .org has it.
    Thanks for your help though

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    Thanks for the post!

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